Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dubarry Was A lady, No Matter What They Say!

Oh Dear Readers,

Something terrible is going to happen in the coming days I can feel it... and all because of my fantastic luck!
I had no idea my friends and nebulous from Lake Diversion read my blog! So you can imagine how surprised I was when my friend and part time neighbor Paula showed up with some AMAZING goodies! I had posted on my facebook "Just got cake, cookie, and brownie mix for the C.H.&R. If I know your coming we'll bake a cake!"  and she left a comment saying "I have some things for you i'll be over around 6:30"  Apparently I have quite the place, where people are willing to donate their mothers/ gandmothers things to the Casablanca because they know they will be used, loved, and glorified :)
She first pulled out these "Watkins" kitchen flavorings ( I have a Watkins cook book I use at the Casablanca!) I had to smile, in the small print of the Orange Extract is says 57% grain alcohol (make me think of Lucy and Vitavitavegimine!")  The next thing she pulls out left me speechless, You vintage Gal's better pull up a chair, i dont want you to hurt yourself when you faint.
  Her mother had enrolled in "Du Barry's School for Success"  in the Fall of 1946 and spring/summer of 1947.
Paula explains it was a week by week course via the mail. and that her mother kept everything in the envelopes and its all here.
Part 1. Whats wrong with you?
Lessons for each type of woman, and lot of promotion for Du Barry Beauty Products. Had a baby? See lesson 4, Trying to catch Mr right? Lesson 6! Waist line a bit to far gone? Lesson 3!  BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!
Part 2. Cant wait for Success? Try Our 6 week crash course!
week 1, getting started.
Week 2, The Beauty angle
Week 3, Think it over, the way you live?

Week 4, daily exercise
Week 5, on your toes.
Week 6 Body basics (just in case your 27 and mama didn't tell you...)
"A Du Barry Girl Make each step the MOST important one on her road to success!" Follow these lessons to the Letter and you to can be an charming young lady or attractive house wife."
The final touches on your way to success.
(this last one about his is my FAVORITE it fold out and has "all the modern styles of 1946" with how to steps on the back side!
A pretty AMAZING donation to the Casablanca! That last piece is invaluable because now all the girls can follow the steps and it will look fabulous in pictures! I cannot thank Paula enough.  

*  *  *  

My joy was furthered by the fact Leah's dishes came! I think I might be abstractly hanging these babies up on the wall I was wanting to re-do in the kitchen. The Nurse and sailor will be moved to the Turquoise room and the other pictures that i spent so much $$$ on form NY will either be distributed around the kitchen, goin the bedroom, or I will bring them to the house in town and put them in my room.

I will now spend the next few days/ weeks dodging lightning bolts and accident! 

All because of my luck ;)



1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Whoo hoo! Wow, you have good friends. =D

Linda said...

The Watkins bottles are very cool but the DuBarry stuff is AWESOME><!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

That is an amazing collection! Some of those 'old' beauty kits were just too funny, but they give great insight into how women spent their days and money! That would have to be worth a fortune someday.
Is there be a historical division of the modern day company?

Midcenturymadam said...

Would you consider doing an online course? I'm sure we could all use a "little polishing"! Wow, what great neighbors you have.

Zootsuitmama said...

Oh my! That is so fun! I would love to read that stuff. I was watching "Mad Men" reruns today about the Maidenform bras and it reminds me of these beauty tips. I actually remember Richard Hudnut (how could you forget such a name??) and DuBarry. I think they advertised it on "Queen for a Day" or "As the World Turns" when I was a little girl, and watched with my Mom and Grandma. Sending good vibes your way that will serve as a force field against any bad Karma! Zootsuitmama

Chickens in the Basement said...

No lightning bolts! Did you ever think that you are a nice guy and people like to do nice things for nice guys! You deserve it! Quit looking over your shoulder!

Java Bean Rush said...

That was very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

Vonlipi said...

That is so cool! Lucky you! It doesn't mean you'll get bad luck...Some people have good luck all the time and besides you had to wrestle with the lawn mover's tire the other day...

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Oh my goodness! I've seen ads for the DuBarry courses in vintage magazines, but have never seen the actual course materials. That is too awesome!!

aams13 said...

I just found this box at a thrift store! I'm so excited to learn about it. It's even funnier because it was the same year my mom was born! I also found a complete set on eBay from 1944-1945! I can't wait to see them together. They're also starting to sell DuBarry again! A company in LasVegas purchased it and they're making all the original creams and makeups!