Friday, January 31, 2014

Floor Me!

 ("The Smoke Room" of the S.S. America.)
I having new ideas about the living room flooring Readers!
Above is one of the interiors of a proud Ocean Liner that no longer exists, the S.S. America of the United States line.
Random I know, but while researching Ocean Liner interiors for our upcoming dance, I stumbled across the tale of the S.S. America. (A steam ship that served for many years, and then met a regrettable fate on its way to becoming a floating hotel in the Philippines.)
My other interest in this particular ship lies in the world of musical theatre...

Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" set aboard the Luxury Liner "S.S. American" (in homage of the actual S.S. America) It was this fabulous ship that Porter set his high seas high jinx and launched the show and soundtrack into the history of American Musical Theatre.

For ages I have dreamed of having this 16 point nautical star painted on the floor of the living room.
But now I am considering scrapping that idea and going with this design.
 (The circle pattern in the center of the floor is what I'm crazy about!)
Although the pattern on the floor is actually older, it reads more "atomic" to me that "nautical" I think if I painted it on the floor I would do the gold circles and lines in metallic gold paint, but I'm stumped on what to do the base color! This color scheme on the now long gone ship is perfect, but I dont think a dark blue/teal floor would compliment my now Coral walls.
I am really sold on the design from the S.S. America!

Any ideas as to a color to swap out for the blue?!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Since you've chosen black, white and grays for your bathroom, I might consider a super dark charcoal gray for that floor...something very close to black but not quite, so your furniture wouldn't disappear on it.

Mom Wald said...

Teal is an excellent color.

Just consider how big you want the room to feel. The darker the floor with colored walls, the smaller the room will feel. With your entertaining you do not want folks to feel cramped.

This sounds exciting!

Laura in IA said...

I'll bet you kind find the right shade of blue/teal to complement those walls.

Jason Breslow said...

How about jade green?