Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bathroom Tile Dreaming...

(Eyes on the Prize!)
Since I was telling you about the Herman Miller fish in Mondays post, I thought I would share with you what I'm hoping to do the bathroom! The black and white pinwheel tile picture above is what I am set on for the bathroom floor. That pattern of tile with either black or grey grout.

 (To show you what I'm hoping for I have Google'd imaged pictures of grey tile bathrooms, I take no credit for the photos they have all come from Google Image.)

I think I have finally chosen a grey and maroon color scheme for the bathroom to go with the other  1950's colors of the Casablanca without repeating a color.
With a maroon tile border on the base of the wall.
I think doing black grout on the floor to make the white pinwheel patterned tile pop, and doing white on the walls to keep the grey tile crisp will look nice. Or do you readers think doing grey on both the floor and wall grout would look better?
(This is someone's lovely bathroom. I love the grey tile, with maroon top piece, and light grey walls above the tile wainscot. This is very much what I have in mind. I think I would also want a maroon runner piece one tile away from the top, so that the wainscot would have a double border.

Other and the floor tile in the first picture, I haven't price checked any of this... I'm sure though that this is what I would like put in.

Does you readers have any tile advice? Color advice? Do's, dont's? The room is 12'x6' so I know what I need on flooring. I am thinking the wainscot will be 4' high, as the walls are 8'.

I am also thinking of tiling JUST the floor, and then painting the walls two tone grey with a small maroon trim piece. (not a chair rail, just a thin stripe of maroon about 4 ft high.)

I think with the grey and maroon I think I can add dark green in with towels, maybe paint the claw foot tub dark green with silver legs? I also have a metal closet I can paint to match what ever color the tub ends up being.

So what do you readers think? Tile all the way, Tile floor and paint, or maybe do the floor first and paint the walls while I save up to tile the walls?!




nickarmadillo said...

Black and white tile with white grout is a great look. Wish I was redoing my bathroom so that I could put some in myself. Can't wait to see the results.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

After looking at your pictures, I think I'd put the pinwheel on the floor with dark gray grout. To save money, I'd tile only around the tub on the walls. I will say that white grout is harder to keep clean around a tub because of mildew, but the bathroom you've shown us looks really good. I'd paint the rest of the walls a two-tone gray with a maroon stripe.

Jim said...

Long and narrow bathroom.....try to colours to a minimum as things will tend to become cluttered looking....keep it simple and clean. I did (or had it done actually) my bathroom with a gray grout as it will be walked on a lot....white grout will get dirty pretty quickly. Good idea about doing floor first, then the walls later. I would keep the light in colour to create spaciousness.
Sounds like you are having fun here Mick....don't get too stressed about this.
And remember you did ask 'us'! lol

Melissa said...

So I can tell you just from recent experience, tile is expensive and it's a pain to clean. I'd just tile the floor and paint the rest.
It will still have a great vintage look, just a nicer price tag.
Good luck! : )

Cara said...

Love the black and white tile! I was also going to say dark grout = easier to clean.
I also wanted tile all around my walls but about fainted when I saw the price I estimated so needless to say I went with painting bead board which was way cheaper. Long story short, I will vote painting and you can always tile later. I also like the paint idea because you can go a completely different direction with the colors every few years!

LeAnn Stephenson said...

Can't go wrong with black & white - it's going to be marvelous!!