Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From Crystal to "Basic Black"!

Can you believe this post is just about door knobs?! The weekend before last while at the Bowie Flea market I stopped by one of my favorite booths. The man who runs it has an associate that works in Detroit doing architectural salvage. As a result, this seller has the most AMAZING variety of door knob back plates, door knobs, hardware, and lots of cast iron goods.  What I love even more that the wares of the booth is the colorful stories that the guy gives you with them!
(The current glass/ crystal door knob on the bathroom door.)
As often is the case at the flea market, I REALLY wasn't looking for anything... But this guy always has the most amazing odds and ends. So as usual I spied treasure in his piles there on one his tables, he had this GREAT pair of black porcelain knobs. I have a set of white porcelain knobs on the french doors, and I have never seen a set in glossy black! So for the arm breaking sum of $4.00 I walked away with the set. 
(New black porcelain knob. I love how Art Deco it makes the door look!)
I am a regular customer at this booth, and I have found many wonderful things to put in the new rooms at the Casablanca. Each one comes with a different back story and this one was wonderful too! The seller tells me that "Black knobs like this date all the the way back to the 1860's and that "If you watch Gone With The Wind, you'll see that set of knobs on the doors of "Tara"".  I thought this was a really cool tidbit, and then later I remembered that Gone With The Wind was filmed in 1938/1939... so did he mean the knobs were popular of THAT era (1930's) or actually of the 1860's?  No matter how old they are or aren't I love them. The flooring in the bathroom will be black and white, and I'm leaning towards doing a white toilet with a black seat on it so it will all match.
Also when I found the knobs, one had been painted over. While the seller was closing the deal on his sale with me, he called the color "apricot" which struck me as funny and wonderful. As you don't often hear regular Texas flea market guys say "apricot" usually it would just be classified as orange. I am not making fun of the guy, I am all for guys knowing colors by their proper names! It's the only way to get exactly what you want!

As always, we will be back to his booth next time!



Zootsuitmama said...

Can't wait to see final product!

Jim said...

I have the crystal ones on my french doors and got them from a environmental salvage place in the 90's. I like your and can see why the black ones will better suit the bathroom.....looks great and I LOVE that 'deco' back plate!! great find, Mick!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the black door knob! Good choice!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Love the black knob, and that backplate is perfect for the Casablanca!!!

CherryPicked said...

Art Deco is right! Great Choice it looks awesome. Can't wait to see it all come together :)

Melissa said...

I love the way that came out! For a second I thought you were going to tell us you painted crystal door knobs! Hahaha, I'm glad that wasn't the case.
Anyway, I love the deco look. Things are really coming together for you guys!

Vonlipi said...

The black ones are really classy!

Unknown said...

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