Friday, January 24, 2014

"Beyond The Sea"

(Spring is nearly upon us!)
Although still a few months away, preparations have already begun on one of my favorite events of the "Casablanca Social Season"! The Spring Break Dance is the one night where all our members turn out in their best formal attire to dazzle and dance the night away, and 1960 will be no diffrent!

For this year and "new decade"'s theme for the dance we have chosen "Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin! We plan to transform the dance hall into a sensational Ballroom aboard the S.S. Casablanca and dance the night away.
(Our 1960 paper"lantern" invitation!)
If the above picture is to bright and you can't see, this years invitations have an ocean liner at sea on them!
Committees have been formed and projects assigned! We are very excited about this years theme and colors, the invitations are turquoise and white with a burgundy envelope. The actual dance decorations are varying shades of blue and green...
(Jade & Sea foam ribbon.)
We hope to out do ourselfs with lights, lanterns, and ribbon streamers. With new music and new dance steps everyone is really looking forward to the big night "on board". I also plan to make sure the whole theme is a nice balance of "nautical" and 1960 swank...
 (Not overly red/white/blue, carnival cruise ship, palm trees, parrots and mass produced 'card and party' decorations.)
 (I am thinking more along the lines of a Captains Ball on a 1960's luxury liner.)

Wish us luck!



Delia Ryder said...

Oohh good luck that all sounds such good fun, :-) dee

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Sounds like a great theme for this year's dance. I predict another huge success.

Jim said...

I was 12 in 1960 and remember this tune very well Mick. Bobby Darin was the most popular singer at that time and as young as I was my 'gang' loved dancing to his music.
I know this will be another smash hit at the Casablanca. Looking forward to watching this come to fruition!! Have fun!

Vintage Christine said...

OMG! Someone older than me (Jim)!!! Of course I remember Bobby--I was 10 in 1960--but he was a little too old for me then. Now I love listening to his music, which was used to great effect in one of my favorite movies, Swingers. How I wish I could attend the party as I know it will be SWANK!