Monday, February 3, 2014

36 Pieces of Lawn Furniture Was a GREAT IDEA...

NO I haven't gone out and picked up 36 MORE pieces, but back when I was collecting them one by one dear Readers It was a good idea. That venture began nearly nine years ago and while I had fun finding different types, styles, and fixing up each new piece, the time has come to start repainting them all!
(The very first glider bench I dragged home!)
All the way from Kansas! I love the basket weave pattern and I painted it turquoise years ago. The summer sun had finally chipped the paint away and now it was necessary to give it a few new coats.
I buzzed of the chippy paint using a grinder with a wire brush attachment. Then used a spray can of X-O rust spray paint (for metal) to primer the bare patches on the metal. I then used a pad of fine steel wool to smooth out all the bumps and make ready for the first coat of paint.
I used three cans of turquoise X-O Rust spray paint to give three good coats front and back. X-O rust is almost as good as auto body paint, and is reasonably priced. I'm hoping the color lasts as long as it did the first time I painted the chairs. My only worry is that the last time I used turquoise, I had it special mixed and then I used a spray gun to apply it to the chairs. I think this color is slightly lighter than my special mixed color and it might fade faster. When the above picture was taken the paint was just starting to dry, so there is the possibility it will be darker in the end. I had enough paint to thoroughly coat the bench and do two lawn chairs before I ran out of paint, which was provably for the best as over night...
(We got four inches of snow!)
So only 33 more piece to go! Haha I complain but everything will look sharp again with a fresh coat of paint, and the back yard and its contents are long overdue for some TLC! With a little elbow grease (and maybe some rain) the fleet of lawn chairs and rain will look like this again.
(Circa spring 2010)

Here's to bright colors and happy times at the Casablanca!



Jim said...

SNOW!! Oh no! Everybody alright? lol
Just some Monday morning humour coming from the 'far north'!!
Your glider looks great Mick. Good job and you really don't mess around do you.
Yes, we all could use some spring bright colour around here!!

Melissa said...

Wow, I'm so stinking jealous right now. All that glorious furniture, and it looks so cool in that last picture set up theater style. Awesome idea!
And if you ever decide to sell one of your benches, let me know! I'll drive down there for sure. I've been looking for one for a while with no luck.

Mr. Tiny said...

I LOVE vintage patio furniture and your collection is stellar. It is so hard to find in Calfornia; and when you do find it, it costs zillions of dollars. You are literally sitting on a gold mine!!!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Wow, snow! We got a little ice, but no white stuff. The idea of stripping, priming and painting 36 pieces of lawn furniture makes me want to set my hair on fire. I can't imagine doing that much work!

Helen Wong said...

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Vonlipi said...

I can't get over the fact that you got snow!

This stuff is for up north not for Texas!

How do you cope with this? Do you have boots and stuff? Snow removal? Salt and sand? This baffles me!

Mom Wald said...

Baby steps! One chair at a time, and the grass will be ready by the last one. You could have a chair sanding party to help it go faster.

You could offer therapy for folks with anger management issues. They could take out their aggression with steel wool.

Mecky said...

So glad I run into your post. I am working on my glider and want to paint it the original color...turquoise. I want to use auto paint and use a sprayer or just send it in to be done. I will have to check out the X-O rust paint.
I do have to laugh at all of your metal chairs. They are addicting to collect. You can't have just one when there are so many styles to find. I think I am glad I don't have 36. I have 15 to strip, prime and paint. They do take some time to do. I have 2 done and 13 more to do. Plus the glider to finish.

Ethan Smith said...

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