Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spooky, Spooky, Spooky!

 It's almost that Bewitching time of year at the Casablanca Readers, Its almost time for the Costume Ball!
(Real plaque from a now defunct Fall Out Shelter)
Well Readers as you know every year we pick a special theme to base the party around and this years is...
Zombie Prom 1957
Our theme is based off of a Musical by the same name, in 2007 a short film was made out of the Musical- 

Here is Part one, you can find/watch the film in its 30 minuet entirety complete on Youtube. It's a really fun show. Set in an all American High School in 1957 (our year at the Casablanca) the story revolves around high strung (typical) Teenage love and Nuclear Disaster. The story is not scary in the slightest but a wonderful mash up of "Grease and Night of the Living Dead" and (lots of C.H.&R. members as well as myself hope to be in an upcoming production of it in 2012!)

*  *  * 
Saturday friend Emily, Patricia and myself headed out to the Casablanca to decorate and set up for this Fridays soiree.
 (Friend Emily on Spiderwebs)

 I was hard at work on a "retro prom banner" for the party
Patricia got busy mixing in the Sandalwood Pyrex...
 Creating a Nuclear Breakfast treat, for the guests who will be spending Friday night with us!
The decorations are looking swell, things are going from Black & White to Atomic Green. We have special Prize Halloween Flamingos for the Costume Contest, and at some point in the evening we will crown a Zombie Prom King & Queen!
 Tune in next week to see how the 1957 Prom Night unfurls! 



Amber Von Felts said...

Mick! I wish I could attend, I have such a great Zombie Prom dress! Are you going to make gross out foods? Maybe some jello Braiiiins? Please take a million pictures!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What an awesome bash this is shaping up to be! Hope you guys have a spooktastically stellar time!

Thank you very much for your comment on my vintage recipe post today, I'm delighted to know I've provided you with a new (old!) cake to try out.

Have a fantastic Wednesday,

Missouri Michael said...

Isn't that "High Radiation" sign supposed to be placed on a bathroom door? ;)

Decades a Go-Go said...

Ha love it! Speaking of gross-out foods, I remember a friend telling me about a party they went to where there were little chocolate bar things in a kitty litter box, with graham cracker "litter". Best part was you had to scoop out the chocolate treats with a scooper ha!