Monday, October 3, 2011

To The Ladies Who Lunch!

Not much going on this weekend, things at the theater are CRAZY as we get ready for a new show to go up this Saturday.  Friend Bryson and I headed out to the Casablanca Saturday evening after a long work call on the sets. Sunday we had a Birthday lunch for Friend Holly!
(Friends Chloe, Amy, Holly, and Patricia)
Serving up Parmesan Chicken...
With sides of fruit, hash brown casserole, chocolate strawberries, apple crisp and for dessert a special monkey bread for Holly's Birthday!! 
Just as we were cutting into the bread friend Utah arrived just in time to grab a bite to eat and join is some card games.
(Friend Utah)
After we cleared the dishes, we played a few rounds of "Spoons" and chatted the afternoon away!

Just a peaceful Sunday Afternoon here at Mick's


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Vintage Christine said...

I love that you use your Pyrex so much--I still can't bring myself to use the few pieces I have left but I DO use my gorgeous cameo blue Glasbake casserole. And the Tupperware tumblers are such a nice touch! Guess Thanksmas is just around the corner, huh?