Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween At The Casablanca!

Every year we have at Halloween, the Casablanca hosts a costume party! This year is no different, but to tide you over here are a few candid photos from Halloween parties past...
 (Halloween Party Guest 2008)
(Kitty Dexter looks thrilled doesn't he?! 2008)
(Party Guests 2009)
(I went as "Bob Hope-In "Road to Rio", hence the fruit filled lampshade hat!)
Some of the only pictures 2009 decorations I ALWAYS forget to take pictures before people start showing up and then after the party I just clean up and as soon as I'm done I think DARN IT!  So last year we made a Halloween video ....
 Each year we also try to have an overall theme for the party,
In 2006- the theme  was "Attack of the B-Grade movies"
we gather up as many black and white classics (Dracula, Phantom of the Opera 1925, The Mummy, The Wolfman...) to show on the drive-in we even had accompaniment to some of the silent pictures!

In 2007- our theme was "Zombie night" showing movies on the Drive-In such as...
 "Night of the Living Dead", "The Last Man on Earth" (the one with Vincent Price"), "28 days later"... We also decorated the house with items we might use during a zombie apocalypse haha! We actually boarded up some of the windows for this one!

2008- Theme - "The House on Haunted Hill"
(This was one of my favorite parties) Just like in the movie 8 guests were asked to the house on haunted hill (ok so I know the Casablanca sits on more of a slope, but work with me! ) With the promise of a bag of candy  reward if each guest could make it without sleeping dying in the night... Sooooo much fun!

2009- "Creature of the Black Lagoon" -In true 3D, Red & Blue glasses and all!  Here are a few of the party invitations...
"Like its said "You wont believe your eyes!" This cinematic event at the drive-in was a huge sucess and we've show several other 3D movies since.
2010- "A Very Victorian Halloween"
The Idea for this years Halloween theme came to me when I was recovering  from my surgery. Among the slew of movies I watched while I was confined to bed, resting, was Walt Disney's "Haunted Mansion".  The back story was set in 1885 during a Halloween Costume Ball, so this years decorations are loosely  based on Victorian  lore (I'll go more in depth about that in a future post).  But here's some rough sketches on what to look for!
("The Bottle Tree's")
("The Witches Den")

But the rest of the decorations stay a secret until Friday the 22 of Oct! Then you can read all about the Costume party that following Monday...

Hope all your haunts are happy ones!



Jabacue said...

It's not fair! You guys have all the fun! I see you have a reputation to uphold. Good luck with this years party! Will be looking for the after-pics.
Thanks for your comment on yesterdays blog....much appreciated.

Vintage Christine said...

Had you not become a major musical comedy star, your life's calling would've been event planner. You give the most AWESOME parties, dude!