Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bowie Fleamarket SCORE!

 Last Saturday,  Girlfriend Patricia kidnapped me and whisked me away to the Bowie flea market and then to Denton.  The Pyrex Gods smiled on us and I picked up three (444- 442) of the "Sandalwood" patterned Cinderella bowls for $25.
At the same booth I picked up this 1958 "Rooster Black" promotional piece with its gold plate carrier for $16 and although I spent $41 when you think about it each piece was $10.25 and I consider that a deal. At the first booth we went to was way at the back and we cleaned up!  I got the set of ceramic drama face masks for $1.
This cool turquoise and gold Carafe for $0.50, I do believe we'll keep lemonade in it!
We picked up this set of skillets, I bought them for the little interchangeable metal handle (to go on my set) and Patricia wanted the pretty skillets and fro $5 for the set we both go what we wanted! After bowie we headed down to Denton to see what it had to offer, and ended up finding the matching 441 Sandalwood Cinderella bowl for $8 normally I would have waited and tried to find the bowl cheaper, but I mean it was right there in front of me...  So I purchased it an finished the set!
I also spotted a special piece at an antique store that I'm going to try and send money with Patricia next week to snag... and the location and piece is Top Secret until then!

Happy Wednesday!



Missouri Michael said...

I know what that piece is! For the right price, I'll share it with your readers! ;)

Amber Von Felts said...

The Pyrex Gods were VERY good to you!