Monday, October 31, 2011

In Search of Pyrex

Saturday morning Patricia and I headed up to Oklahoma to enjoy a day in the Wichita Mountains and do a little Pyrex hunting in Lawton.

As soon as we got to Medicine Park, we drove up Mount Scott. We hiked for a bit and I took some pictures...
(It's hard to see, but there were bushels of purple flowers all over!)
(Provably my favorite picture of the day)
After we'd had out fill of 'Climbing over rocky mountian' we headed down to Meers Oklahoma for lunch!
(In all its 3 building glory)
Don't let the size fool you, this is one of the most famous restaurants in Southern Oklahoma.
 They have these GIANT "Meers" Burgers, and all kinds of home cooked goodies..
I had a "Seismic Burger" (literally the size of a pie plate), Patricia had a grilled cheese and we shared an order or french fries & fried green tomatoes, my favorite.
 (Served with ranch, and good to the very last bite!)
At first Patricia was skeptical about trying a friend green tomato and tried to write the topic off with "I don't like tomatoes"  and after a bit of convincing and saying over and over "These aren't your regular red tomatoes, they are green and different!"  She took a bite and was hooked, the prices are good and you wont leave hungry!
After lunch we headed back into Lawton to hit the thrift and antique stores and I must say our first few stops were highly disappointing.  We used the Google map on my phone to find antique stores, the first two we went to were out of business, the third stop had real antiques and rooms and rooms of ceiling to floor Fenton Glass (Vintage Christine would have been in Heaven!) After striking out thrice, I Googled thrift stores and away we went and it was equally disappointing. THEN I had an epiphany, I called the four other antique stores asking "Hello, do Ya'll (yes I let my Texan slip) have Pyrex?" and after the first three said "why no I don't believe we do"  the Last store owner said "Why yes, we have quite a few pieces scattered around the store." THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR!  We hopped in the car and drove over, and ture to the mans word there was more Pyrex in this one store than in all the other places we went to... and the hunt began.
Patricia found our kill, a 1.5 #3 divided Friendship Casserole with its matching lid for $8.00.
Not a scratch on the bottom part! At the Casablanca we collect Pyrex in the lime green, yellow, turquoise, and pinkish red. (We just finished the round casserole portion of our collection, I need to post that soon.) So this may end up being a Christmas Present for someone and the fire-engine red is, much darker than our other stuff.

It was a fun day trip! Posting might be limited this week. Saturday is thew opening of my show "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and im scrambling to make the stage look like 1850's Oregon!

Happy Halloween!



Rebecca said...

Thanks for the info on turquoise refrigerator dishes. I've been searching for some pink ones for several years and still can't find any. Maybe one of these days!

Amber Von Felts said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN MICK! I want to jump into the computer and try those Fried Green Tomatoes! I love your road trips!

Uncle Atom said...

Nice score - persistence does pay off! We lived in Lawton between 1989 and 1990 while I was attending artillery school as a new officer. Nice little town but the winter with that wind blowing constantly was bitter cold, especially in the old house we rented, which lacked insulation.