Friday, October 28, 2011

"So Happy I Could Dye"

Well Readers,
As some of you may know, every Wednesday I take my Grandmother Jordan to the Beauty Shop, get lunch with her and then spend the afternoon together.
(Grandma Jordan, waiting on her hamburger!)
Well this Wednesday after a rinse and curl and a burger with fries and a coke at one of our favorite places, I had an annual job to do. Clean out and organize the garage... It sounds more dramatic than it actually is, but my grandmother decorates for every season Spring, Summer, Fall, and especially Winter and she has rubbermaid bucket after rubbermaid bucket full of things shes made or picked up.  Every year around this time I have to sweep out the two car garage, go through the buckets sort them by season and stack them properly.  I never mind this task, as it is also when I sort the Christmas things out that Grandma lets us use at Thanksmass.  Well stuffed in a corner of the garage I found a couple of old chenille bedspreads, most of them were in pretty bad shape, been munched on by mice, or worse... however there was one that only had a few minor holes and stains...
Grandma said if it made it through the wash I could have it haha. The stains didn't come out liked I hoped they would, so I think I may dye it another color. Usually im not a fan of chenille, but this one doesn't have fringe and I think will fit perfect on the Click Clack couch in the Turquoise room and make it look more bed like, when we have longer staying guests with us.  
It has a nice flowery pattern on it, but im stumped as to what color I should dye it. Yellow maybe? Green or Blue???

Have any of you out there ever dyed a chenille bedspread and had luck?

Weigh in on what color you think would be best!



Straight Talking Mama! said...

Yes I've dyed a chenille bedspread and very successfully too! I dyed mine red from pink, I'm not a pink kinda gal. I just used a Dylon washing machine dye, although I did use 3 I think.

Good luck, it was very easy for me so I'm sure it will be for you

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great find and I think dying this would be super fun. What color are you thinking?

Jessica LeAnne said...

dying it sounds like an excellent plan, it shouldnt be too hard! I really like yellow