Monday, October 11, 2010

Michelle Comes To Visit!

Well Dear Readers,
This weekend the Casablanca was graced by friend Michelle!  She played the female lead in Pirates of Penzance this summer, (and not so long ago appeared as an extra on the show "Friday Night Lights" ) we have  become great friends. She's been away at school in Arkansas since summer ended and this weekend she managed to get back to us and come hang out!
(Patricia, Me, Caitlin, Michelle, Jenny)
Since she was back in town, we decided to celebrate her birthday early with a homemade birthday cake,
 (And with some Casablanca stove Magic...)
And for dinner one of my favorite crowd pleasers, a cheese, bacon, hash brown casserole!
(Mixin' and fixin')
(After Baking!)
(And the end result, Michelle and her Cake!)

But of course, we couldn't have just let a birthday go quietly by at Mick's...

After dinner in the lounge, we settled into the Turquoise room for a movie 

Friend Jenny quickly fell in love with my thrifted blow mold ghost light, (Casper I like to call him)  Im so happy we've reached this weekend in October... because now you will slowly start to see Halloween decorations being put out.
Most of the guests left around 10 P.M., however Patricia and I encountered some car trouble and ended up spending the night. Sunday morning I got up and fixed the problem, but it was such a wonderful morning we decided to start putting up a few of  Halloween decorations!
(The Bottle Trees)

( One of many )

The bottle tree is based on the belief that the shiny, 
colored glass can attract and then trap evil spirits bottles can trap bad spirits at night, 
which are then destroyed in the next day's sunlight...

 They also lend a hand in creating a creepy atmosphere!  Trees like these are very common in the deep South,  I'v seen many examples of trees such as these from Louisiana, all a part of our "Victorian Halloween".

All in all just another fun filled weekend at the Casablanca-



1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Interesting... I've seen bottle trees but didn't know they had a meaning.

Fantastic Mick! Love the blow mold ghost, and can't wait to see your Halloween decorations! =D

Vintage Christine said...

Ha ha, yeah right, CAR TROUBLE?! Looks like a fabbo time as usual and what could be a better party than you and some beautiful dames? That 10,000 calorie casserole sounds totally scrumptious. I mean, really, what could be better for your heart than cheese, bacon and potatoes--and I'd scarf it in a minute, calories and cholesterol be damned!

Jabacue said...

Bottle trees?! Love the idea! Get some goin' around here. Lots of 'spirits' around these parts!
You guys have too much fun!!! It's not right at all! Just sayin......

Barbara said...

That casserole better have cream of mushroom/chicken/whatever in it! And sour cream. Damn, even if it didn't, I'd be scarfin' it down.

What is your friend doing to that light??

Midcenturymadam said...

I'm thinking it's time to post the casserole recipe. The seniors I cook for would love it! Please???