Monday, October 25, 2010

The Halloween Costume Ball

Well readers,
Even with the odds stacked against us the Casablanca Costume Ball was a success!  Now most of you are provably thinking "we'll every party you throw is a hit... why should this one be any different?"  and my reply would be Weather...
Thursday night it started raining  and it rained and rained and rained right up until 12:00 noon Saturday.  Not only did the pose a problem because everything is wet, BUT by Saturday morning we had nearly 30 people R.S.V.P.! All I could think was "Dear Lord, 30 people in that 900 square foot house?! ITS GONNA BUST AT THE SEAMS!   Well I left the theater at 1:00 and headed to the lake, upon arriving I found that it had stopped raining, its wasn't to terribly muddy, and the weather was improving!
*  *  *
Guests were due to arrive around 4:30 P.M. so I went ahead and put on my make up, I went as A Teenage were wolf... make up, fur,black painted nails, tail and all!

 No sooner had I gotten the stuff on a steady flow of friends came through the door, 17 in all and the party began!
It was shaping into a great time! People had brought food, and the weather continued to improve just in time for some pictures, a fire with Smores, and later a Drive-In movie.
(Friend Margaret, dresses as Mickey Jordan as the Major General from Pirates of Penzance)
 (Friend Gabby and Gypsy fortune Teller Pam)
(Friend Pam made Witch hat treats, and peanut butter eyeballs!)
Of course we hosted a costume contest with flamingo and cash prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. Everyone had great costumes, here are some of the entries!
(Amanda came as the Living dead!)
(Friends kaeli & Jay came as Cave People.)
(Caitlin the "Cutest little jazz killer" to hit the Casablanca.)
(Emily as Pocahontas.)
(Olivia the Go-go dancer)
 (Courtney as Ke$ha)
(Jenny came as Pippi Longstocking!)
(Me as the Teenage werewolf!)
(Friend Lee came dressed as Friend Peter)
(And friend Peter came dressed as friend Lee)
(Cameron came as Harry Potter)
Other costumes included "Speed Racer", Richie Cunningham, and Patricia as a 'shot gun carrying Little red riding hood Because there might just be a big bad teenage wolf running around...  After a secret vote our winners!
First prize went to Jay & Kaeli as The Cave People! Second went to Cameron as Harry Potter!, and Third went to the wild haired Pippi Longstocking!   After the costume contest the backyard had dried out enough that we could proceed with the Drive-in movie attractions Young Frankenstine & Rocky Horror Picture show.
...And now a message from our sponsors~! 
 (On the roof watching the Drive-in... I MAY or may not have been howling at the FULL moon)
(Friends Olivia, Bryson, and Cameron at the Drive-In)
(Emily & Peter)
(Little Red Riding Hood & The Teenage Werewolf)
  As the antics of Gene wilder and Mel Brooks flickered across the screen a few of our party guests under took the task of starting a fire with wet wood.  
 (Lee, Peter, Emily)
After much huffing and puffing the fire finally lit (thanks to friend Jenny,Amanda, and Jay) and we were able to make Smores as originally planned.
(Group Hug!)
Not long after this photo guests started heading back into town. I think its safe to say we all had a wonderful time (I sure did) and we proved even when the elements are against you there's still a good time to be had at the Casablanca!

All in all it was a night to Dismember....Remember

P.S. still working on the house video tour (hopefully up before Friday!) Tune in Wednesday for some Apple bobbing fun!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

What a blast!!! Love the eyeball snacks and pumpkin cake. =)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So glad you had fun. I haven't been to a costume party in years!

Jabacue said...

There's no way you guys couldn't have fun! Look at those treats!!! Especially the eye balls and witch's hats. M-M-M
It all payed off....can tell by your friend's faces.

The Elegant Thrifter said...

How much fun! I can't take my eyes off of the the evil eyeballs! Stan

Retro Keith said...

looks like so much fun Mick!

Amber Von Felts said...

Oh man! That looks like one of the best Halloween parties ever! What a great buncha friends you have. Great costumes all around and is that a mini skele flamingo I see!! I want one!

delia hornbook said...

Wow looks like a fantastic evening you all look great and so does the scary food ;-) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, Im going to check the rest of your blog out right now ;-)) Dee

Anonymous said...

I *still* haven't posted my Halloween pictures! Ugh. Well, looks like yall had a blast! I was a obnoxious 70's tennis player :) It was great. I'm over in Texas City, Texas just outside of Galveston.