Friday, October 15, 2010


Well readers,
Look at what I found Thursday afternoon!
IT'S A T.V. LAMP!  We had about 25 min before rehearsals for happy days began, so I decided to run down the block to my favorite thrift store  Value Village. Finding this lamp was just fate, because rather than going my usual pattern of strolling around the 1st floor of the store I went straight up stairs to where they keep the clocks and lamps, walked right to the middle of the isle and *BAM* right there in front of me was this little guy that has been nicknamed Bambi by Patricia and the other Casablanca girls.
As soon as I paid the great big sum of $4.45 for it, I ran back down to the theater and plugged it in! Sure enough it works!!!  This will be going to the Casablanca ASAP, I need to find away to have both the antenna and the T.V. lamp on top of the television set.
For one of the T.V. lamps that looks like the drama faces of Comedy and tragedy! SO if anyone out there has one, or stumbles on one hehe I'll trade ya! one that looks like this...
But for now Bambi had a place in the Turquoise room of the Casablanca, that black white and grey is going to look GREAT in there!

Here's hoping you weekend is filled with lots of  vintage thrifty nifty finds!



1950s Atomic Ranch House said...

I still need to get a TV lamp and a vintage pair of rabbit ears.

Will keep an eye out for the masks!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the Bambi lamp. Huge Score! I hope you or someone has the masks to trade. That is a perfect lamp for you!

Unknown said...

I need a TV lamp aswell but I just don't seem to find one I like. I am really liking the bambi lamp and if I find the mask lamp over here in the UK I will get it and we could swap if you like

Jim said...

I will look too Mick in my travels. Gee! You will have it in no time.....people from everywhere will be looking for one.Good find for 4 bucks!

DumpsterDivinDame said...

Adorable TV lamp!! What an awesome find!I'll be on the look out for Com./ Trad. mask lamp.

Unknown said...

i have the faces lamp at home and it works.