Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brewing Up Trouble In The Kitchen...

Unfortunately in my rush to get the house decorated I didn't take very many pictures of the kitchen. I did however catch a few creepy cool shots, like our jar of floating eye balls in the setting sun (they were formerly golf balls).  I love how that one green eye it staring right at you! There will be more of the kitchen to see in the virtual tour video but here are a few snap shots.
(Friend Lee hanging streamers)
Let me just say, I'm a HUGE fan thrift, and even bigger fan of the store "Dollar Tree" (everything there is $1) that's where the pumpkin hand towel and orange oven mitt came from. I'd also like to send a thank you to Anna over at Chickens in the Basement earlier this year she sent me some festive paper plates, we used 2 of the Halloween themed plates (you can see one taped inside the red pan above the stove).
(Emily knows that there's something lurking in the kitchen! )
We moved the kitchen table back to the wall, and covered it in a moth eaten table cloth of my Great Grandmothers (that has seen better days). The kitchen chairs were relocated to the Witches Den, I dug out my old movie posters the 1920's version of "The Mummy", "Curse of the Wolf Man", and "Bride of Frankenstein".
Over on the radio are the party gift bags!  I found these in a kit at one of the high end craft stores and they were going $30 for a set of 10 bags.  However I found a thriftier way to get the same desired effect!
They are supposed to look like broom sticks, we accomplished this  buy taking brown paper bags and cutting slits into the tops of the bags.

Next you fill the bag with Halloween goodies, then take a twig about 9" long (ours came from the yard) , and bunch the frayed/cut edges of the bag around the stick.
Then tie the pieces to the stick with a piece of twine (we used natural jute) and Viola!
 You have special and festive party bags for guests.... 
Tune in to see a few bizarre outside decorations next... If You Dare!



1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...


That reminds me...

One year in grade school, Mom made all these party favor witches out of tin foil, construction paper and crepe paper. I keep meaning to see if I can remember how she made them, and make up a few.

The foil contains some candy, you wrap it up (this is the body), you form the extra ends into a head, and then dress with the paper.

What do your gift bags contain? =D

delia hornbook said...

ohh just got a sneaky peak of your star burst clock and table love them, dee ;-)