Friday, March 26, 2010

What is so classic about Paper Lanterns?


When ever I think of a garden party I have this default image in my mind. Its a summer evening, everyones dressed in formals, there's big band music floating in the air, and suspended there in the night sky is a row of paper lanterns, and for some reason its 1948?!.....

So today when I went into our local $1 shop and Spotted these I bought them in every color!
There are 8 more left at the store, and I will provably get them Monday. These are cool, fun and match the colors of my house! However what id really like is a string of 1940's 1950's lanterns you see in movies all the time.  Like in the Movie "The Majestic", watch this clip and just look at the decorations!

See how cool those are?! But I can never find them... I try going to rich peoples estate sales  (because it would figure the richer people would have classier garden parties)  Does anyone know what they are called?
I'm hoping to have a whole bunch of lanterns collected by June so I can hang them in the back yard for "As Time Goes By"   I also think were going to be making ropes covered in crept paper flowers to string around.

What Garden Party ideas do you fine readers have?



Vintage Christine said...

Candles in jars hanging from tree branches are awesome, or you can use the little battery-powered tealights so you don't burn the place down in case one falls. The more twinkly lights the better, I always say. And I do always say that BTW. How many RSVPs do you have so far for the event of the season???

Vonlipi said...

I love the lanterns! I would put paper garlands in the trees and streamers too!

And a big metal tub filled with ice and refreshments!

Zootsuitmama said...

I saw a cool idea in Mary Engelbreits Home Companion a few years back. The jar idea is cool, wrapped in wires and strung like lanterns, OR, little juice glasses, the kind that have colored flowers or other designs painted on them look really cool strung from wires, too! ZSM

Midcenturymadam said...

I'm with Christine...lots of twinkie lights. Those lanterns are very cool.

Retro Keith said...

Mick you always find good things at goodwill... the goodwill by my house sucks, and I have never bought anything from it. I have to venture to other town. I need your luck.