Friday, March 5, 2010

Dishes Formerly of the Casablanca

After this post I PROMISE I'll stop talking about dishes....for a while! haha

With the new set checking into the Casablanca's cabinets here's what checked out!

Up first my Prized "DIXIE DOGWOOD"  dishes. Its a broken set, what our seeing is 10 saucers and 3 tea cup, there are 6 dinner plates that also go with this set. BUT I couldn't bring myself to take them home from the C.H.&R.  They were my very first set of dishes from grandma that I dug out of the barn when I was 10 (then later took to the lake) so the dinner plates will always have a place at the Casablanca.

Next are two serving platters that just made one to many with the new dishes.


The oval one with gold trim is a "Homer Laughlin"  dish (that name became famous later with Fiesta Ware) that plate is GREAT for serving meat loaf. however I think the new 12" platter will be good as well.
The bottom is a Fire King pie plate... It came home mainly because I have to many!


I love these dishes too! I got them all at a church sale for $1!!!!  They are "Poppy Trail California" made and the pattern is "Peach Blossom"  I really wanted to collect a full set of these... but couldn't find any!


These have had the shortest stay at the Casablanca. I pulled them out of the trailer last June, I nearly died because I thought Id hit the JACKPOT on Fiesta Ware... and then I found out they are  "Malibu Modern" (the knock offs of knock offs of Fiesta Ware)  I really like the colors!
These dishes just were not going to work at the Casablanca. Becaus eof how old they are they were being chipped very easily and a lot of the peices were broken when I found them in the trailer. I did keep the Yellow salad bowl from this set, its good for holding salads, chips, and popcorn.


These ... I pulled out of a field?  At the lake I was walking along the beach and came across where there must have been an old cabin, that had been torn down. I found them liked there cobalt blue color, so I dug them up form the cactus cleaned them up and served hamburgers on them and now they are retired.

Over spring break i'm gonna thin out some more glasses and kitchen stuff, this social season at the Casablanca id like to get the kitchen fully functional and less of a museum piece!



Retro Keith said...

i LOVE the shape of the poppy trail ones!

Linda said...

Love all those very cool retro dishes. You have some really great stuff.

Zootsuitmama said...

Oh My! Nick-I love the California Modernware! I have some cool pieces, but those are really expensive at a lot of retro stores. Zootsuitmama

Zootsuitmama said...

What do ya mean when you say you can't comment on the Twin Drivein? It won't let you? ZSM

Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

The fact that you found those dishes in a field, is almost cooler than the dishes themselves. That's so cool!!

Mick said...

Kate Micaela, Im going to assume your comment is just Spam. Im not sure what you are implying by it.