Saturday, March 13, 2010

Prelude to Break On The Lake

Readers I can hardly stand all of the GREAT things that will be happening this next week!

Tonight: Is the Costume Parade for Jesus Christ Superstar (we open Thursday).

Sunday: Is Dress rehearsal!

Monday: From 10:00 Am - 4:00 Pm  its Break On The Lake!!! Then 6:00 Is rehearsal for JCS.

Tuesday: Day 2 of BOTL rehearsal at 6:00.

Wenesday: Last day of BOTL, rehearsal at 6:00.

Thursday: 5:30 Theater Call, 7:30 Press/ Family Night performance.

FRIDAY: Opening Night!!!!!!

Seriously I'm a Theater Junkie, I love that rush you get when you preform well and get response from the audience!  I think I have fixed my "twangy problem" Last night the Director told me "You were spot on, and your costume suits the character well done."  Another cast member also told me I sound like Neil Sedaka (and I happen to think that's a step up from 'Blanche Dubois' ) I just hope I can keep it up! Haha

On a different note, I would like to extend a thank you to Kevin over at  Hollywood Forever! The Morning after the Oscars he took some pictures out in front of "Graumans" Theater and sent them to me.

One of these days im going to save my pennies and take a trip to Sunny California! You will most likely find me lurking around MGM studios, wandering around the housing development that sits on what used to be RKO Studios backlot ( formerly home of the King Kong, Andy Griffith Show, and Gone With the Wind sets)  I love old Hollywood, and Kevin won himself some good will points with these pictures! Im actually quite jealous of a hunk of concrete he owns, the one that JUST SO HAPPENS to have Rosemary Clooney's  signature on it...  : )
Iv considered making a patio and replicating some of these squares... however I just don't think I could bring myself to forge the names of 'Hollywood Royalty'. I think I'd much rather watch their movies instead : )

Well I am off to highlight maps to the Casablanca, and put the finishing touches on my costumes for tonight!



The Elegant Thrifter said...

Break a leg! Are you going to Round Top? Stan

Zootsuitmama said...

Can't say good luck to the theater guy, cuz it's just not done, but you know what I mean...Sounds like everythings coming up roses! Zootsuitmama

Midcenturymadam said...

Wish I could be in the audience. Have a blast with it. Why don't you put square with your hand prints and autograph because...YOU ARE A STAR!

SueLovesCherries said...

Hey, Mick! I know I rarely comment, but I DO read your blog!

Break a leg on your performance next week, and have a great BOTL!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Hey Mick, I'm glad you like the photo's! They look great posted. I think I'm going make wrapping paper out the prints. Break a leg on the show. You are going to be great, twang and all! You are the super star.