Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goodwill Power!

Actually its 'Good' will power, but first this Public Announcement...

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Now back to our feature presentation,

Yesterday my friend and I headed to Walmart to print photos, I didn't realize how long it had been since my last visit. they now have these cool HP machines that print your pictures in 3 minuets!!!  Now most of you might be thinking "Oh dumb back woods boy... hes talking about the chain store of rednecks and "NEW FANGLED" technology."   But you have NO IDEA how much I love this!  See during the summer I try and take pictures at the lake every weekend, and we put them in "The Box". (An Idea based on my grandmothers photos)
Lets do the math on that, twelve or so pictures put into one hour photo at 4:30, finish time = ETERNITY....
However I used my charm and dashing good looks (HA HA) to persuade the photo girls to give me my pictures early. (Actually I just frequented the place so much they'd give them to me in about 15 min once they come out of the machine.)  So this new 3 minuet printer is mind blowing!

Now that we had our pictures in hand, I asked my friend if shed liek to stop by Goodwill and she said sure. so we go... and Oh the things we saw.
I love old group pictures, (so if your coming to 'As Time Goes By' be prepared to smile!

I also found this little plaster of paris souvenir picture frame  for $2.99
Then I spot it sitting on a table, I think for only a moment 'now why would there be a cord running out of a suitcase? ...Maybe because its a DROP RECORD PLAYER!
It even had the little adapter 45 thing you put on the "dropper" so you don't have to put those weird things on your 45's. All for $6.99  And right beside the record player I found  this little Organ, wish I knew how to play would be great at the lake for movie accompaniment  $14.99.
Then Just as we were going to leave I spotted this little box of formal dinner invitations. for $0.99 but the tape on the orniginal box was kind of a downer.

Now here's where the "Power" comes in, I only had a $10 and I decided I really didn't need any of the stuff I found.  I honestly think that's the FIRST time iv walked out of a Goodwill with money where there was good stuff there and not bought anything.  Im still debating on the record player I almost bought it then and there, but of all the time to find a STACK-O-MATIC there was not 1 record to be found in Goodwill to test it. (And Iv already made my mind up im getting a Crosley Stack-o-matic in Oak  for my 20th Birthday. In the Case of record players Id rather have a new one that looks old and really works, than an old vintage one that doesn't.)
When I go back Wednesday if its still there I may buy it just to get the little "45 adapter" to stick on my Crosley.


Chickens in the Basement said...

Wish I could come but we're canceling all trips at the moment! YUCK! However, it might be worth the trip just to shop at your Goodwill!


Linda said...

Sigh no such fun trips for me right now! Love that record player.


Susie O said...

When I went home for the summer from college my freshman year, I worked at the Goodwill. I found some great stuff that summer. Now, I rarely have luck at the Goodwill, and when I do it's all overpriced. It's good that you can use restraint. I rarely do!

zeldafitz79 said...

That portable chord so...CUTE. Great finds, sir.

Midcenturymadam said...

That record player is way too cool. I think you better get yourself back to Goodwill and snag that baby.

Maggi said...

Oh that record player would have been going home with me for sure! lol

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Neat stuff! I love old group photos :)

Isn't it just so tempting to buy up all the terrific things you come across? Good job on your Goodwill power ;)

Darrin.. said...

Goodwill has some incredible finds sometimes. I love when I'm able to find vintage Tiki and Polynesian themed items there!