Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let The Social Season Begin!

So Shortly after yesterdays post, I deiced I couldn't take anymore Spanish, anyone else using me, spending my night off at the theater that now owns me, or at home with my father who was angry about me wanting to sleep (but hey, you try rehearsals 7- 12, 6 days in a row and tell me you don't want an afternoon nap....) SO I pulled my hair shouted "ENOUGH! " threw my record player into the back of the Lincoln and away I went to the Casablanca.
Looks pretty bare doesn't it...  As soon as I got to the C.H.&R.  I unloaded the record player threw on 'The Best of Buddy Holly'  and started caring lawn chairs out of the Lounge. Its funny, I can remember the early days when I had only 2 chairs and a side table and EVERY weekend they would be brought in the house. 27 pieces later they are just fine sitting in the yard haha!

Thats more like it! Now if the grass would just green up! At this point my "panic" has started to wear off and Im easing into the feeling that is Casablanca. As I got the last lawn chair in place and the drive-in speakers hooked up the sun was setting. I must say the weather was intune with my feeling, when I got there the wind was blowing like hell   every which way; then Magically as if nature itself said "Oh hey, Mick's here cool it"  the wind died down and it was a very pleasant evening.
Now that all the chairs were in the Drive-In I finally have the Lounge back! Even though the sun was going down it was nowhere near quitting time.  I grabbed the broom, a dust rag, and My trusty 1957 Kirby vacuum cleaner and attacked the Lounge at full force. While cleaning I couldn't help but laugh at out of all the rooms at the Casablanca its the one that is exposed to the elements that has CARPET for flooring. (As the kitchen and bedroom have linoleum)  
In comes the furniture!
The Tv set used to go between these two chairs, but now having a permanent place in the Turquoise Room I think maybe we'll construct a vintage looking cocktail bar for entertaining!  Couldn't daydream about a mixing drinks for long, I had a lot of stuff to clean and put back up in the lounge...
I just have an accumulation of crap! haha but everything has a story behind it, so we clean it up and put it back in its usual spot.  My favorite thing on this table is that Star-burst multicolored wooden plate from Costa Rica, $0.99 at Value Village!  Here are some close ups for all you 'planter lovers' out there!
This one I found in Kansas long before I had the house, I knew it was cool and provably 50's so it became mine.
This one was found in the trailer a few years ago, it needed a home and to the Casablanca it went!
We call this one "Rick" for some reason... 
Just before going to bed I popped in an "I Love Lucy" dvd and cut the paper template for "George" out!
Went to bed slept like a rock! Woke up to a bright new day and got busy!
This was around 9:00 am, when I started using the skill saw I thought to myself "people are provably trying to sleep" followed by "Well more than likely they are hung over (I have some neighbors who are constant lushes), and besides they've had ALL winter to sleep!"  so away I went.
There you have it!  Our 8ft cowboy "George", he'll be painted next week during 'Break on the Lake'  just like in the movie...
Other than that, I just sorted through and sent some honest to goodness junk to the trash...  let the 2010 Social Season begin!


Oh! P.S.  A new couple just moved in across the street form the C.H.&R. ... They have NO idea what they just moved next too : )


Vonlipi said...

Rick is adorable! You worked so hard! but beautiful results! I can't wait to see the cowboy painted. Please do blog about spring break at the C H&R.


Retro Keith said...

WOW! everything looks so nice!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Wow...take a nap or completely re-do the Casablanca? You worked your tail off! Now, is this just a summertime place for you or are you in and out all year?

Missouri Michael said...

oh, I love that white planter with the brown brushed streaks! You might want to keep an eye on it this summer when you have your weekend for us all to visit - you might find my next blog post talking about it's migration to Missouri! LOL!

Mick said...

Anna, Its mainly a 'Summer Place' But I mess with it year round. It opens In March and Closes on the Second Sunday of Novemeber. All the "Lounge" stuff is moved into the kitchen, then all of the Lawn Chairs are brought into the lounge To keep the paint from fading, and people from stealing!

Michael, As I was dusting that planter off I thought to myself "Im going to have to watch him like a HAWK" haha!

Zootsuitmama said...

Please Please let me know how you show your movies...I want to do it this summer out by my little trailer. You had quite a day, but at least you made it to the big "C"- neato..Zootsuitmama

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

I'm always a fan of your outdoor chairs. If it seems like you have too many, some can always find a happy home at WhisperWood Cottage! :)

The cowboy cutout is clever, too. Can't wait to see him all painted up!

Nick said...

I love that planter and everything haha! And the cowboy is looking great...can't wait to see him finished!

Missouri Michael said...

Mick - could you look at the markings on the bottom of the white and brown planter and tell me what it says?

Susie O said...

I love the cowboy. There's one antique store we go to a lot that has a big pink elephant out front with horn rim glasses and a martini glass in his trunk. I want him for our backyard. I would really love to have a huge cowboy, though, or an Indian...or both! We just ordered a really awesome projector so we can start work on our very own backyard drive-in, too, this spring. I am so excited!