Monday, June 16, 2014

We Love Kelcie!

(Miss Kelcie with one famous find!)
Our dearest Kelcie is out in Kilgore TX, working and acting in the Texas Shakespeare Festival. A few weeks ago she took a some pictures of this piano she stumbled across at the and sent them to me. THIS Piano dear Readers is THE piano that the music and lyrics to the "I Love Lucy" theme song WERE COMPOSED ON!!!
Kelcie reports that- Lots of people donate things to the TSF every year and this came to them through the estate of Harold Adamson, and has been in Kilgore ever since!
Kelcie further reports that- Adamson was a heavy smoker, as the keys are covered in cigarette tar, and littered with water rings.
Can you even BEGIN to imagine the history on these keys!

Readers let me tell you, I have a SERIOUS case of the "Wants" haha! I would do just about anything to drag that piano back to the Casablanca, but Kelcie doesn't seem to think the folks at TSF would want to part with it! Trade you a piano for a piano! Oh what I wouldn't do to be able to lovingly "store" it for them in the living room... maybe if we told them that were friends Billy Mendieta and Sirena Irwin!

Keep working on them Kelcie! 

Just the other day we received a postcard from Kelcie, she is the BEST at sending us cards from her summer travels. This one is a vintage postcard from Kilgore staring the "Texan" movie theater!
Look at all the vintage cars, and the iconic oil derricks of East Texas.

The Casablanca crew will be road tripping to Kilgore to see Kelcie in "My Fair Lady" later this summer, and we can't wait!
BREAK A LEG Kelcie, and keep us posted on that piano! ;)


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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I know how much you love Lucy, so I bet you're just about dying to see that piano!

I have many fond memories of Kilgore. It's not far from where I grew up, and I started college there when it was still called Kilgore Junior College...I know, back in the Dark Ages. ;)