Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's A Whole New Era...

FIRST Readers, let me HEREWITH AND CLEARLY STATE that "Patricia and I are NOT having a baby"! Haha. But the Casablanca has entered a whole new, and unexpected era of its own. The Baby Boom! I do not report this fact to make our friends and members sound "busy", but the fact is we have four going on five sets of married members who have family's of their own. The Noble's, The Williams', The Maxwell's, The Daughtery's, (and very soon) The Jarvis's!
As luck would have it in the midst of our "boom" I inherited this vintage baby play pen. NOW before you all go shrieking "THAT THING IS A DEATH TRAP! IT'S NOT BABY SAFE!" The Mothers of the Casablanca (Ha! That sounds like a club in its own right.) have inspected and approved this piece.  As a further testament to its safety, my Dad and his siblings were kept in it way back in the late 50's and early 60's and for the most part came out unscathed. Dad seems to think that my Great Grandparents had this collapsible crib at their lake house up on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. (Isn't that fitting? From one Jordan lake house to another!) What I like most about it, is that it folds up small and can be stored out of the way. It will be great for parties!
(Cora was NOT a happy camper...)

I used to joke that when the time came for us to ad an "nursery" to the Casablanca, that we'd just put a play pen in the lounge with the bar... that way both Baby's and Adults could have bottles!
Speaking of the Lounge-
(The leg looks crooked, but i assure its not.)
This wooden folding/card table is a treasure saved from the trash heap, also from my Great Grandparents house on Grand Lake. It is OLD. At some point someone painted a checker board on its top, in good think oil/lead based paint! It doesn't bother us though...
(We were going to play Checkers, but couldn't remember the rules... so we switched to Chess!)
I already had a nice set of wooden chess pieces that I got in Kansas years ago, and they were just perfect for this table.  It was nice to sit in the evening cool of the screened in lounge. I couldn't help but imagine how many times the same scene must have played on the porch of the house at Grand Lake. I bet many a card and board game were played on this through the years!

Once again isn't it funny, and kind of charming that these things ended up at another lake house.

How they ended up in "a whole new era"!


ThrifterSisters said...

That playpen is great! Just wait till its all filled with babies. How cute!

Love your comment about everybody having bottles. What a sight to see!

Have a great day :-)


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Cool play pen.
I think it will pass muster, especially since it's pretty much right in the same room with everyone.
Poor Cora-- the card table is very cool. I wish I had my dad game table...I can't think of the name of it...but it was the size of a folding card table and ball pockets on the 4 corners. One side had checker board and the other side had some other design on it, I guess for the "ball game". Now, I have to go look that up, it will drive me crazy!
Thanks for the visit to my blog earlier in the week! I always love coming here and seeing your vintage finds and all the goings on here @ Casablanca !!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the old play pen! I'm sure the Mother's of Casablanca enjoy watching their babies in there! Fun Summer!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

My brother and I spent many an hour in a playpen just like that, and we survived too. I think there will be enough people around to make sure the kiddos don't poke their heads through the sides.

I do love that so many things from your family are being passed down to you, especially from one lake house to another.

Vonlipi said...

Always a treat to visit!

A lot of the time older is better, better constructed, with better materials...So if that play pen lasted so long it must be good.

Be well :)