Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My 24th Birthday Weekend!

Boy do I feel lived Readers! It was a wonderful jam-packed weekend of friends, finds, and celebrating!
The festivities kicked off Thursday night, when Patricia along with the help of our friends Cindy, Margaret and Kathleen threw my a surprise party at the Duncan Home. I was truly surprised (which is no easy task) scores of our friends came to the party and waited patiently to surprise me! (I was an hour late to my own surprise party...) It was so much fun. Our friends sang and danced for me, showered me with gifts and kind words, and to top it all off we twisted the night away!
Friend Margaret even made ma red velvet cake (my favorite!) in the shape of a record player, it was AMAZING!
Saturday morning I treated myself to an estate sale, it was a doozy with bottom dollar prices! I got all of the things in the above picture for a lump sum of $19.00. I COULDN'T BELIEVE that I snagged that Davey Crockett mug for only $3.00!!! And the Turquoise planter is also a wall pocket.
Saturday Afternoon Missouri Michael drove down to catch the last performance of "Shrek" the Musical and see Patricia and myself on stage. He came down to stay the weekend with us at the Casablanca!
Friends- Spencer, (Gracie Dog), Chris, Sarah, Jordan, Terrace, Jacob, Emily, Deanna, Russ, Matt, Seigen, Michael, Margaret,Cindy, Patrica, (Cora Dog), Lara, Baby Emma, & Jennifer!

Sunday the 22nd, my actual day of birth we had a small gathering of friends at the Casablanca. Patricia had prepared a brisket dinner and all of our friends brought sides to go along. Friend Cindy brought my favorite buffalo chicken dip, Yum!
(Mom sent another red velvet cake!)
It was good company for sure! We ate and chatted the night away, I truly had a blast AND didnt even have to do the dishes!
(The "tribute" table!)
I have some of the nicest friends, not only did they come out to the Casablanca to help me celebrate my birthday, but they came bearing gifts! Missouri Michael gave me the McCoy Planter and matching fiberglass lamp shades, Friend Joe sent me the 6 Libbey sorbet glasses AND went to the estate sale and bought me the pink leaf wall pockets, Friend Seigen gifted me a bag of 50's candies, Patricia found the last turquoise Pyrex fridgie that I needed to complete my set!
Friends Kate and Teresa bestowed this wonderfully retro "Happy Birthday" table cloth, it also has six matching napkins. I love it, and will use it for many birthdays to come!
Another Missouri Michael find! Now we have a lasting version of the "SS. Casablanca"! Remember?! It was the "ship" we sailed away on during last Spring Breaks formal dance.
Speaking of water, one of the BEST birthday presents was that the Water District filled our lake up again! So now we can actually swim and boat!
 (Friend Lynn's Birthday postcard!)
I would like to say Thank You to all of my friends, I received so many cards, pictures, Blog comments, special made posters, phone calls, ( two voice mails of "Marilyn Monroe" singing Happy Birthday to me), and a slew of well wishes on Facebook. It means the world to me, and made my day of birth so special. I appreciate and love every one of you! It really is all of you that makes the Casablanca Club thrive! 

"No man is a failure who has friends."

I'd have to say that I am in some pretty excellent company!



ThrifterSisters said...

Wow, you are loved! What an amazing weekend you had. Don't you love it when your friends just get you? Vintage treasures as birthday gifts are the best kind!!


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! You truly are loved...and you deserve it.