Monday, June 9, 2014

About Time.

Well another weekend has come and gone here at the Casablanca dear Readers, It was a highly productive one too!  In the above photo Dad was trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with my 1954 stove. Just after the Spring Break dance the oven went out and has been out ever since. Saturday after about an hour of searching (and fearing I was going to have to have the whole stove rewired) we found the problem with a delay switch on the back splash. *Whew* So the stove is back in action!
Flashback to Friday night, Patricia and I had just gotten out of the show "Shrek", in route to the lake, and my mother calls to tell me I have NO power at my cabin...and everything in the fridge is provably ruined. When we arrive the power is still off and it was hotter than blue blazes (Yay summertime in Texas!) I called my power company which is actually based out of Altus OK. They called their people in Vernon TX (about 45 min away from the lake) who sent a truck to come fix the problem. That was at 2:50A.M. by the time the guys figure out where the problem is, call a second truck for backup, and resolve said problem it is 4:00A.M. I was so thankful that they could fix it that night! There had been bad storms in Oklahoma that had caused a power surge to blow the transformer out on the electric pole, as well as the fuses in the house. It was a drag however that we had a show to be in the next day, yikes we needed sleep!

For my birth month of June I have displayed all my turquoise Pyrex! (Turquoise is my favorite and signature color!) And my birthday will soon be upon us. I wonder what Patrica and Missouri Michael are cooking up this year...
 (Jennifer, Wes, Emily, Patrica & Seigen!)
Saturday afternoon before the show, we were visited by friends to cool lunch and celebrate the reinstatement of the oven! We had fun eating and chatting the afternoon away before showtime.
(Cora taking cover from Thunder.)
Hands down though, the BEST part of the weekend was the RAIN. We have needed is SO bad and late Saturday night/Sunday morning we got 1.3 Inches!!! IN our drought stricken state that is a HUGE blessing, and it further rained all Sunday night into this morning Hopefully slow enough the ground can soak it up and help our the trees and grass. Let it rain! Let it Rain! Let it Rain!

I apologize this post is so scattered, but between Shows, the power being off and fixed, The stove being fixed, and that blessed and much needed rain. I'm finding that I need "a weekend for my weekend" haha.

Hope all of you had a good weekend as well!



Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

we got some much needed rain here in East Texas too.
Still raining right now. Have to say, since the Co-op has been getting the trees trimmed regularly we've not had the outages like we'd been having for so many years.
Glad you got that vintage stove working again. I have a 1956 Chambers Gas range...and love it. Don't know what I'd do if it quit working!
Hope your birthday month is all you wish for!

ThrifterSisters said...

We are in the midst of our birthday month too. Mine was Saturday, Maddie's is today, and Alex's is the 21st. I will bet you that if I had 10 more kids, they would have all been June babies too!

Poor Cora and the thunder. My two German Shepherds are terrified of it too. Big babies!