Friday, June 13, 2014

My Problem Corner...

No, its not quite a corner where I go when life's problems have me down, its just a tricky spot to decorate! The bedroom at the Casablanca is split 50/50 one side acts as a "den" with the television set...
While the other half is set up with two twin beds and a night stand...
My problem falls in a tiny spot at the end of Patricia's bed. When the bedroom was added on to the house back in 1956, they did not line the new back door up with the rest of the doors in the house. (that would have been to easy and solved a lot of problems.) So when you look into the bedroom from the kitchen you can see that little piece of wall. Over the years i've tried many was to fix it up, but nothing fits just right. I once had a dresser in that spot (but dressers at the Casablanca tend to just be clutter catchers, and on rare occasion a winter home for mice.) The for the last few years, it has been home to a drop leaf table that I refinished, which looks very nice but is CONSTANTLY covered in stuff.

I have these two orange vinyl chairs to work with (for now) if additional seating is what I add here, i'd much rather it be black vinyl to match the couch.  Here's one of the options to set it up- chairs facing the kitchen, lamp on the left.
Here again, chairs facing the kitchen, but in front of the old door we don't use and stool at the foot of the bed.
This time with the chairs against the foot of the bed facing the TV set, lamp in front of the the door.

Aaaaaand that's all the ideas I currently have. I'm hoping the fabulous Dana at Mid2Mod will swoop in and show my a piece of furniture that will be just perfect for this weird little spot. that falls in the "no mans land" between "bedroom" and Den". It would be great to have a little more seating in this room. Everyone piles on the couch and the beds to watch movies. But that hot orange vinyl wont be a staple for very long.

What are you're thought Readers?

Seating? Some piece of furniture I haven't thought about?

What do you think?! Feel free to take that first photo  and photo shop if you feel like!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

OK...hmmmm...I'm thinking a short bench at the foot of the bed (George Nelson-style slat or any other mid-century design). And if you never use that back door anymore, what if you built a three-panel screen tall enough to hide the door completely...or maybe one panel if you can figure out how to make some spring-loaded feet for the top and bottom like on a pole lamps? There's bound to be a way to make those. You could make the screen out of MDF and do some of your fabulous artwork on it. I'm thinking a cool atomic design like boomerangs and starbursts in the colors you're using in your house (leftover paint?) on a black background to tie in with your couch. Then the floor lamp would look right at home there.

Uncle Atom said...

How about painting the door the same color as the wall to make it disappear? Or put a tall bookcase in front of it?

Jim said...

I'm with Uncle Atom on this one. The door is very distracting and adds unnecessary visual clutter. I like the chairs at the foot of the bed actually.
Also I LOVE that window print fabric!! I am looking all the time for this stuff to put around my little 'summer shoppe' with everything mid-century!! A nice little road trip Mick for you guys!!