Monday, June 2, 2014

Trash to Treasure!

Let me tell you dear Readers, with 90 years worth of stuff in the barn, (including my Grandparents AND Great Grandparents things) there was a LOT of "trash"! It seems like they held on to just about everything, and I am a fourth generation pack rat. I picked out several "treasures" to fix up an work on, mostly just stuff that otherwise would have went to the land fill.
The Jars pictured above were filthy when they were uncovered, but with a good scrubbing and a long soak in Alka-Seltzer made them shine like new.
The jar lids were a bit rusty, so I sanded them down painted them with primer and spray painted them my favorite color of turquoise!
This old TV had a few rusty spots on it, but I was able to buff them off with steel wool. It will be great for outdoor entertaining!

When this was pulled out of the barn, I thought it was an old plant stand base. As you can see it was rusty and since it was missing the planter it was bound for the trash.. so it came home with me.
However picture my surprise when a few days later I got to pick it up, and realize... it spins!

It's a Lazy Susan base! So as planned I primed and repainted the metal...

And since all the little ceramic pieces that go in the metal holder were gone, I put this cut glass dish of my Great Grandmother Jordan's in it and it works just fine!
I really don't think our kitchen table at the Casablanca is big enough to constitute a lazy susan being on it, but I will keep it out for a while. It's neat, and I'm sure it will provably get more use than I think!

This was a really cool save as well, I wish the lettering as a little better but it suits me fine! a "Tropi*cal*lo" Orange juice glass jug! I have one like this that we have lemonade in at the ready, so I was super stoked to pull this one out of the heap for Orange Juice.
(Back in action after a 60 some-odd year hiatus!)

It just goes to prove, "One mans trash is another mans treasure"!



Mr. Tiny said...

It is like a giant treasure box! My brother and his wife inherited a garage with a similar provenance - three generations full of amazing stuff!!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Great finds! It's nice to be able to 'pick from the pile' ...especially when it's your style!
Love that lazy susan.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the jars and the lazy susan! I'm going through my Mom's house and finding a few treasures that will come home with me also! Happy Summer!


ThrifterSisters said...

I am dying over everything you keep finding in that barn! Those jars are AMAZING!! I buy them whenever I find them at sales. I love the shape. And your turquoise lids? Perfection.

Keep digging!!


Vicki said...

You are brilliant! I'm amazed at all the things you've transformed from ratty to rad. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.


Vonlipi said...

I would go NUTS going through those treasures!!! The lazy susan is a blast and I remember getting some grape juice delivered to my house in that tropical jar....


Thank you for sharing dear thrifty friend. :)

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Those jars are so great! Boy they sure have become expensive at the flea market and estate sales around here. Love your lazy susan too!
Great finds!
Erica :)

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Love the idea with the jars and the lids. Great idea for re-using any type of jar, vintage or new!