Monday, May 2, 2011

The Weekend Update!

Well Readers its been a fantastic weekend here at the Casablanca!
(Friends Sheldon, Amy, Holly, Terrace, Myself & Cameron)
Friday after work I picked up friend Sheldon and we headed to the lake, while we were buying groceries we ran into friend Joe and invited him to a meatloaf dinner that evening and he happily accepted the invite.
After dinner I started squeezing fresh orange juice in the "Juice-O-Mat" for breakfast the next morning,  Joe started playing with the piano and for fun suggested we all write a song about the Casablanca. After a few bars of music and an endless rhyming game of words the three of us finally came up with a theme song that we recorded the next morning, a song that goes something like this...

"People wanting to go there,
Never a worry or a care,
All the fun that us friends share
When you're here at Mick's!
Having a good time
Parties and laughter
Making up memories with movies, and meatloaf, and more!

Here's looking at you kid,
The Casablanca and you kid,
Sooner or later the chances are greater,
That everyone goes to,
Everyone Goes to Mick's!"

Saturday morning after we had recorded the video and eaten breakfast Joe had to head back into town, and we were not expecting more company until late that afternoon so Sheldon and I took a hike over to where the wild fire had broken out and had a look around.
This used to be a cabin, and all that's left is ashes and melted glass. When we walked up on the site I shuddered and said to Sheldon "and to think that could have very well been my house..."
(What was, The front steps of the cabin)
The fire started at this cabin and burned out from either side, this is the view looking down the hill to the water from the front steps. in the distance you can see some broken concrete there used to be a covered patio there.
(A melted coke bottle that Sheldon picked up.)
I don't know if I can say this is a plus, but one thing that that happened as a result of the fire all the high grass and weeds around the old "trash gullies" was cleared away revealing all kinds of  old trash goodies! 
 The only thing I took from these piles was pictures, as taking something would have felt more like pillaging than salvaging.
Here's that brass bed I needed for Sound of Music, we found not one but three sets of head and foot boards. They were a little rusted out but all the parts were there I can't believe that people actually threw some of the things in the gullies!
Just over the next hill we came up on this, once upon a time it was a fiberglass boat.
(Sheldon just couldn't believe it)
The fire burned just about a mile of shore line, and we walked every bit of it. 
 The weather was perfect a nice 73 degrees the shallow water was warm from the sun so we stopped and waded for a bit, then headed back to the house to get ready for the rest of the company headed our way.

 * * *
 Saturday was an important day for our friend Cameron, he graduated from his home school courses and to celebrate we had a small get together of friends!

 We made him a confetti cake and congratulated him with a message on the marquee!
 Once the small group of freinds assembled we spent time out in the drive in chatting and laughing away!
 Then we all got busy throwing dinner together, two casseroles my often requested Hash-brown casserole, and Sheldon made Chicken and Rice casserole, everyone loved it! We listened to records and watched "Tarzan" on the TV in the Turquoise room.
 *  *  *
Saturday night I also hosted a Drive-In Movie night for the Boy Scouts of Troop 73 at the Flamingo and showed Disney's "Follow Me Boys"
Thats the first time I've hosted two parties at the same time, but it went off with out a hitch! Everyone had a good time and didn't leave until the cows came home, literally...

"Sooner or later, the chances are greater that - Everyone Goes to Mick's "



Vintage Christine said...

Always love reading about your Casablanca events, and hopefully I'll actually make it there one of these days!!!

HisVintageSweetheart said...

Your Casablanca song is so inviting, it really makes me want to visit too! I'm wondering if you know what "The Morrows" on that front step is referring to. I found a similar sign in the woods near my house years ago.

SusieQT said...

That's really great that your friends all like vintage stuff- makes having it so much more enjoyable. And that's a neat idea to have the boy scouts come over- getting the younger generation into old stuff is cool!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend. Maybe I can come with Vintage Christine to visit!

Jim said...

What a devastating fire that was!
You're getting to be an ole pro at throwing parties Mick! Looked like a lot of fun was had.