Friday, May 6, 2011

"Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend..."

Well Readers I think I've come up with a doozy of an idea!
The Casablanca Hotel & Resort is Proud to announce it's Very First (Annual) 

"Miss Casablanca"  Pageant!!!

If you are wondering why she will be "Miss Casablanca 1957(rather than 2011) it is because during last years big event As Time Goes By  was set "once upon a time in the summer of 1956" So naturally this year is 1957!

We've already have 15 young ladies sign up for this Memorial Day event!  The Contest will be judged on a point system of 1 - 10  (1 being lowest 10 being highest) There will be three portions of the contest a "Dress" category, a "Swim suit" category, and last but not least a "Talent" portion!  Before you start in with the "Mick you sly dog"'s  We will have three unbiased judges.  BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!
(Miss America's 1957 Tiara)

We need to pick a Crown for the future Miss Casablanca....
The part committee has set aside $40 for the tiara, were looking for something that we can use for say the next 30 Miss Casablanca contests... we have a few ideas but not set on anything... so It's Voting Time!

#1 ( the current favorite)
Swarovski Crystal, measures 2 inches high, and the design is 7 inches along the hair band, retail $21.99.

#2  (A second favorite is a close tie)
Swarovski Crystal, measures 1.5 inches high, and 8.5 inches of design along the band retail $30.99

#3 (we like the height)
Crystal, measures 3 inches high and 7 inches wide on the band design, and retail is $15.99

Crystal Rhinestone (which I'm not to crazy about) measures 1.5 inches high and 5.5 inches of band width design, retails for  $8.99.

*  *  *
 We are also open to suggestion if any of you Bloggers come up with an idea that are classy and under $40.00 Its not everyday you pick something out for a legacy! (No pressure) We've looked into getting a replica Miss America Crown but they come in at $55.00 and we want something that can be our own tradition!

So Cast your vote by commenting  and Monday we will post the winner! Im tossed up myself, I like the look and curves of #2 but the desing on #1 is kind of appealing to me as well.... 

Hmmmm... what do you think?



twinklez1985 said...

I like number 3. I think its because of the height it just reminds me of the Miss World pageant

Jim said...

Hi Mick! I like #2....less ostentatious and won't take away from the natural beauty who will be wearing it.
This is fun......but you guys always have fun!