Monday, May 9, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby...

Well we have a winner, the Official Miss Casablanca Crown!
It was Number two by a land slide, although we only had two people comment on the actual blog, the polls on Facebook, and people I pestered the hell out of, asked on Saturday all went for this one! It was my favorite out of the four choices because it didn't look like costume jewelery even though it is.  It's real  Swarovski s (from Austria) in silver plate, its being made in New York (and has family heirloom written all over it) It also won most of the Casablanca girls over as it is some what reminiscent of another famous crown, also from the 1950's...
(Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, 1953)
(Retail value $160,000.... just a tiny bit out of our $40.00 Price range)

Patricia and I went and picked out a few things to make a "tiara box" to keep the crown in once it comes, we got this pecan wood box from Hobby Lobby, somewhere deep in the heart of Texas for $7.00.
I stained the box with a  dark redwood stain three times and let it dry.
I then took some quilt batting and lined the inside of the box with midnight blue velvet.
(Wont that look pretty with that silver Swarovski Crystal tiara setting in it!)
We also came up with he idea to have little name plaques made up to be glued to the inside of the lid that will sport "Miss Casablanca,  The winners name, and the pageant year 1957/ 2011."  To get them made is fairly inexpensive and we can do it for every year was have the pageant (could be one time could be 30) who knows!

There's lots of excitement building up for the pageant portion of Memorial Day weekend, should turn into an interesting and fun time!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

The best bling won! Love the box. What a fun time on Memorial Day! Can't wait to see the pics.

Jim said...

Yeah #2!
This will give all the contestants time to hone their 'talent'.