Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Way To Scarborough Fair...

Well Readers, 
(Lets just say the "way to the fair, was not so fare.)
Sunday morning bright an early Patricia and I headed out with friend Dillon to Waxahatchie Texas for the annual Renaissance fair. This was my first time to go and BOY was it eventful.  Halfway there we were pulled over by a State Trooper for the vanity plate on his mothers Cadillac Escalade (your not allowed to have them in Texas) but not to worry, we just received a warning.
(Myself, Patricia, & Dillon)
After driving and making endless U-turns on the highway thanks in most part to a fickle-but State of the Art G.P.S. we finally had to use the map quest on my phone to get there!
(The front gate)
The Scarborough Fair Renaissance Festival, is apparently the biggest one in Texas spanning over 33 acres with more that 700 vendors and activities. Around every corner there was something bigger and better than the last!
 (Dragon fountain hammered by hand)
We took in a jousting match....

 We walked around and took in the fair, as well as played a few games along the way.
 The period clothing here was great! I wish we'd been able to get down here and get some of this stuff back during Cinderella and Camelot.
We ate these great things, frozen oranges and Italian ice on top and they were fantastic and as soon as I can figure out how to make them they will be a regular treat at the Casablanca!
(Frozen Orange with Orange flavored Italian ice)
(Whats left of strawberry Italian Ice on a frozen Orange...)
While we sat under a tent and ate our oranges we were serenaded by brass bells, I'm told this is the largest traveling brass bell contraption of its kind.
After the concert we wandered the replica 1500's streets a while longer...
The sat in on an impromptu Harp concerto!
Last but not least we saw the Falcon show and I couldn't video it as my camera has shiny silver parts on (and I didn't personally want to end up on the next season of "When animals attack" But I did get a picture of them!
After the Falcon show we were all hot and ready to head back home, so we waved farewell to the 1500's and headed out on the highway.
This brings us to part two of or epic Sunday adventure.  As we a rolling down the highway listening to the "Brodway" channel on Satellite radio, the three of us playing a "name the show" game we hear and ad on the radio from Betty Buckley who played Grisabella in Cats!  Well as it so happens our friend Michelle who lives in Decatur Texas was taking a class from her and the add reminded me of Michelle. So we call he rup and make plans to have dinner with her when we come through Decatur in about an hour or so and she graciously accepts. We going to go to this neat 50's restaurant called yesterday but it was closed so we go to Cici's Pizza and while we are dinning all of our cell phones start ringing, apparently a storm was brewing up in Decatur and Dillon's mom wanted us to get the Cadillac under cover. At the same time Michelle's mother calls concerned and informs us there is a Tornado Warning in effect for the entire area.  Michelle tells us we can park the car in her barn for safety and we can wait out the storm in the house.  So we go to Michelle's we parkt he car in the barn and indavertently lock the keys in said car...
Well with the storm upon us we run to the house to wait it out with Michelle and her family who were gracious enough to let us come in and stay a while.  Michelle being a perfect hostess showed us around and at my request showed us her Grandparents working Victrola and let us have a listen!

Sorry its so dark, but the sky had turned completely black outside,when Michelle adjusts the sound on the Victrola she does so by opening and closing those two little doors in the center.

While wating out the storming and waiting for a locksmith to come and rescue the keys out of the car, we sat down and watched last years summer musical for Backdoor Theater "The Pirates of Penzance".
The when things got quiet outside, we in all our brilliance ventured out onto the balcony to watch what we thought was the storm leaving, it was actually just the eye...

That clap of thunder sounds muffled on the video but in real life it sounded like it was literally right beside us!
After being scared out of our minds we went back in the house and road out the rest of the storm, the locksmith finally came and after several tries got the car unlocked and we were back on our way home!

I think its safe to say the drive was more of an adventure than the actual Fair but through all the mess a great time was had by all!



Mulli said...

The jousting was so cool!

Vintage Christine said...

I was wondering about you over there in Texas and hoping the Casablanca and your own personal home were safe--apparently they were so you decided to seek out the storm! Quite an adventure, I must say. We've been to one of the original Renaissance Faires in northern California--husband loves the wenches in those tight bodices--and went to the one in Louisiana but it was so frickin' hot and humid that it was just no fun.

Amber Von Felts said...

I have never been to a Renfair, it looks fun! I'm glad that you were all safe and sound through these big ole storms that keep hitting the south! Also, just out of curiosity, what does the vanity plate on the car say? My curiosity is piqued!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

RenFair is just so blazing hot here in so. Cal where (I think) it originated. but have seen lots of pics and it looks just like yours! :)

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Hot as in they hold it in August in 105+ weather!!!

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

WONDERFUL photographs !

Have a super week.