Thursday, February 24, 2011

It Might As Well Be Spring, BREAK That Is!

Well Readers,
I am aware there are a few days left in February but im rearin' to go for March! As you know each year on March 15th the doors of the Casablanca are thrown open, lawn chairs are hauled out of the house, and after a good cleaning reopens for the Social Season.  Each year I host a three day come and go break of activities, and this year we're cooking up some authentic 1940's fun!
Since most of us are still tapping our feet from the Glenn Miller Concert, we've decided that this year for our (Spring) 'Break on the Lake' we will be holding a 1940's themed Big Band dance in the lake Pavilion!
 we will be dressed to the nines and the party's colors will be that of green and gold. I made the decision since this is cooking up to be quite some party, that  we should some flowers arrangements made up for the occasion! I really like the arrangements in the old photo above, especially the once at the bottom of the photo in the center in that metal basket thing. Well I got the order put in at work, but I really wanted a 'vintage' metal basket just like in the photo for the arrangement, But they go for crazy amounts on Ebay (apparently there is a market for Vintage Floral, Who knew?!)  Well today as I was ransacking Grandma's barn for "Tom Sawyer" props look what I found hiding under a few boxes!!!
( Its almost EXACTLY like the one in the picture! )
 I'm Proud to say 'I come from a long line of pack-rats!' Although it's a bit rusty, after a fresh coat of paint I do believe its going to shine up like a new penny! I love my Grandma she said I could take it and do whatever with it! I'm thinking a light green for the new color, at one time it looks like it may have been robins egg blue...
I love these little ridges, won't try and claim its "Art Deco" like a few sellers but they are a neat little touch.
The bottom is marked "CKS", with a little diamond shape around the letters. Anyone know what that is? I assume its a company mark/ brand name. Either way this basket will help make our 40's Party just that much more authentic!

*  *  *

In March I hope to get back on my regular 3 blogs a week schedule. things have been crazy this month with Valentines/Cinderella/ Tom Sawyer/ and coming soon Sound of Music!  I will have a "sets" post up about Tom Sawyer this next week,  not only is it my second show in a long line this year, but its also my little sisters stage debut!

Tune in Monday! 



Jim said...

How lucky are you Mick to just find whatever you want at your Grandmas!
Your plans sound great too for the Casablanca opening. If we are in the 'hood', are 'crashers' welcome? lol

Amber Von Felts said...

Gosh Darn it Mick! Is there anything you can't find in Grandma's Barn?? I hope you warned her about those American Pickers! Tell her that if a Laurel & Hardy looking set of fellas shows up in a van to shoo them away with a rifle!! LOL! That basket is super duper!

Zootsuitmama said...

Let the fun begin! Will it be a St. Patty's day blow out?

Rebecca said...

This sounds like so much fun-wish I could come! Your vintage style is really rockin!