Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"One Of these Days I'll Paint The Kitchen..."

Looks good doesn't it? I love the colors of my kitchen all different shades of green with blue, red and yellow accents (kinda Primary Pyrex themed now that I think about it!) The only problem is that when my 15 year old self painted the kitchen I wasn't very careful about it. I didnt take down shelves, and painted the entire room with only one coat, and less than a gallon of paint.
When I bought the stove in 2009 Not only did the "just painting over the shelf" become a problem, there were now an whole slew of electrical wires to the stove. The True-Value here in town had also managed to lose my original paint colors and couldn't match the current color...
 All of that along with the fact the original 76 year old paint on the ceiling was starting to peel  so it was time for a fresh coat. For Christmas I asked for money to buy Valspar paint, and used my Christmas bonus to get "bone" colored tile (off white) and all the painting supplies we'd need.
Returning from our Kansas Vacation, I had the rest of that week off  so I'd made up my mind to head out to the Casablanca and Paint. Painting the kitchen had originally been planed as a spring break activity, but I wanted it done! Well hearing about it and wanting to help friend Savannah came over from Oklahoma to help paint!
We started with the ceiling I stood up on a kitchen chair and outlined with a paintbrush, and Savannah filled in with the roller,

I didn't realize how drastic my new colors were compared to the old, I though I had done a fairly good job of matching...
(Oh well, these things do happen... )
Together we made quick work out of two coats on the ceiling, and it already looked a million times better than it did. having finished the ceiling Savannah threw together a homemade pizza for lunch,
 We washed out the brushes and started on the walls. As I was cleaning off the top of the cabinets we found a surprise waiting for us in the dust!
 A Yellowstone Park Pennant, don't know how long its been up there but its OLD! All felt, and each of the letters has some sort of scenic picture.
I have to admit I was starting to worry about my color choices, was it too 1950's? (I want the kitchen to reflect a more 40's feel) and the ceiling being a lot darker wasn't a problem but as you will see with the Before and after on the wall color It was a little to late to be "iffy".
(Before old ceiling color old wall color.)
(New ceiling color, new wall color)
It wasn't to long after this Savannah had to head back to Oklahoma, And I was due for my first night of Cinderella set work. So we closed up for the day having the ceiling done and one coat on the walls. We said goodbyes and thank yous and parted ways sporting our war paint! 

*  *  *
Friday I headed back out to the lake to finish up, I was also expecting dinner guests Patrica, Caitlin & (Jenny who couldn't make it) to help finish up the painting and enjoy a casserole dinner and movie in the lounge. When the girls finally arrived I had half of the second coat on the walls done and had to stop to throw together dinner.
It wasn't long before the famed hash brown casserole was in the oven and I'd put the girls to work painting!
we laughed and had ourselves a good ole 'Paintin' Party' and came so close to getting everything painted until we hit a snag. Either the paint wasn't dry enough, or the painters tape was to strong but as we painted the tiny half round piece of molding white,  and pulled the tape off we discovered it was pulling the new paint off the walls.
About the same time we found that little fact out, it was also time to leave, which was the Pitts because now finishing up the paint in the kitchen would be put off for the next two weeks, due to Cinderella. However this last weekend when the whirlwind settled  Patricia Jenny and I were headed for the Casablanca and hopefully the third and final round. 
 After a few rounds of touch ups the fresh paint was as good as new! we finally got the half round molding painted to satisfaction (at 15 I just slopped the wall and ceiling colors on the molding and made it blend in, now it pops!)  I was very pleased with how everything turned out ha ha, I have a knack for picking colors and seldom being wrong about how they will look. 
(Jenny gave the new paint and over all look her thumbs up! )
The trim on the under cabinets have be repainted with the same green as the ceiling since this picture It just wasn't right (Like I said seldom). With a smirk of satisfaction across my face I just couldn't help but unpack the new counter ties and see how the checkerboard was going to look with the great paint!
I cant wait to get it finished!!!!  and with the tile mock laid on the counters I thought I'd snap our header picture...
(It just reeks of Americana doesn't it!)

Make no mistake the kitchen is still a hot mess, and will provably stay that way until March 15th when we throw open the doors and spring clean the house. Ha ha June Cleaver would have a fit!



Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

oh wow I love the green color you picked. Houses are nothing but work aren't they!

Get ready March is right around the corner and the ground hog says it's gonna be an early Spring this year!


Missouri Michael said...

First up - your cabin was built in 1943, right? That makes it 67 going on 68 years old (the same age as my dad, he he he).

That green color makes me think of the "institutional green" color that you used to see in every school and hospital way back in the day. Looks good!

Heidi Ann said...

Lookin' pretty darned good to me!!

Miss B. said...

It's things like this that make me hate my rental...I want to paint my kitchen, and my whole apartment! WHITE isn't doing my vintage things ANY justice! Looks amazing though...can i say that i'm 'green' with jealousy without everyone rolling their eyes at my terrible pun?

Vonlipi said...

That is a beautiful color! I love the shot with the Pyrex and the KitKat clock, good job :)

Jim said...

What a good 'make-over' in progress!
Any time you are in 'this neck of the woods', I have a job for you and your friends! lol
The pyrex looks great.

Colleen E. Conrad said...

Looks great! I believe you've picked the perfect green! :D

Amber Von Felts said...

The green looks fab. Green is my favorite color so naturally I love it! I am also loving your pyrex bowls and the fabric on your kitchen curtain!


Love your t-shirt :)