Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scatter Brain Kind Of Weekend...

Settle in Readers It's gonna be a bumpy blog...
It started with an impromptu dinner party. This week the weather has been so nice out, but i've spent every night 5-? in the theater painting on the sets and getting all the final touches perfect. (That post to come Friday) Joe the Director of Tom Sawyer gave everyone the full weekend off, and we were headed for the Casabalanca.
(The Dinner Guests -Terrace, Sheldon, & Patricia)

Terrace has just finished her run as Cinderella, and this was the first time for she and Sheldon to visit. Of course before we could dig into the meal... A word from our sponsers!

For Dinner, I  had made all of my "One hour a favorites" Meatloaf, Hashbrown Casserole, Green Beans & a Cherry/ Peach Cobbler!
(Mmmm, Mmmm Good!)
After Dinner we sat around chatting about shows, life, plans for spring break and all subjects in general. As the evening wore on we laughed and ate and had a great time, with the dishes done and everyone stuffed Sheldon and Terrace said thier goodbyes and headed back into town.

*  *  *

Saturday I got to sleep in  (the first time that has happned in quite a while) Patricia came and joined me for Breakfast,  I fixed up some french toast with powedered sugar and cinamon, bacon, and Patricia made fresh squeezed orange juice.
Having eating a hearty meal, and cleaning up the equally hearty pile of dishes that went with making/ serving said meal, Patricia had to go back to town for some school testing while I started on a list of projects i've had building up. Remember this vintage floral basket I found at Grandmas in the last post?
It topped the list of things to do, as it will be used during Spring Break, I brushed all over the surface with steelwool and wiped it down with a dry rag. Then hauled it out to the yard and gave it two nice fresh coats of green paint.
Now, I know a few post back I showed you how the counters would look with a checkerboard pattern. I have not yet laid the tile, and in that time iv'e been haivng second thoughts.
So I decied to try a few diffrent looks before commiting to anything, and this is the one I think I like best, infact after rearranging the tiles to this pattern I was pretty content. Not to "busy" but not plain either.
What do you readers think? (it's all subject to change) the lady thats going to do the tile hasn't given me a date yet So i'll play with it until then. One of the other projects of the day was was haning up all the cool stuff I got last weekend.
I have a feeling im starting to accumulate waaaaaaay to much crap. "Lived in look" yeah lets call it that, but none the less the little planter is perfect for storing wooden spoons over the stove.
And the recipie box fits on top of the stove nicely, I've already got it cram-packed with Casablanca favorites!
That was just about it for the weekend. Sunday we had to come back into town and work a little more on the Tom Sawyer set. I'm really liking the way its all coming together! Next Monday I will try and post about my backyard as it is the hot topic started by Zootsuitmama, until then hope you all are doing well.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

You have been so buys! Glad you got some much needed rest and time at the Casablanca! I like the new tile arrangement. I think it looks cool and not too busy as you said. Looking forward to your backyard post!

Amber Von Felts said...

I REALLY like the tiles in the second pattern! Def. not too busy...just right!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

The second pattern!

I've always said, no matter what, YOU have to live in the house (or lake house), so decorate it any way you want, even if it means straying a bit from "50's tradition" (not sure if the second tile pattern 'strays', but you get my point lol)

Jessica LeAnne said...

Im loving the new tile pattern you came up with!

Jim said...

Me too! I like the second , new pattern. Gives more of a focal point to things.
That 'one hour' looked delicious. Busy, busy, busy!

Cheetah Velour said...

Love the 2nd tile design!

Hope you don't mind, I think your blog is so swell I'd like to give you a Sylish Blogger Award! :)

Cheetah Velour said...

(Oops, sorry- details over on my blog should you choose to accept!)