Thursday, February 17, 2011


  Well that might be stretching the truth just a tiny bit... I'm sure most of you read (but were to shy to comment) on Tuesdays Post about my surprising Patricia with a late Valentines outing to see the World Famous Glenn Miller Big Band Orchestra . Patricia loved it!  I got tickets they were $19.43 apiece (1943 year of the Casablanca) and $43.00 after tax, we were on the second row, dead center stage. this was made even better as the two seats in front of us remained unoccupied during the show giving us a clear view.
It was an evening full or romantic music, with all that brass gleaming at you playing the most light and beautiful music you'd ever heard how could one not swoon?  The show was bar none, all the hits were there (My favorite being Pennsylvania 6-5000 with full audience participation in chanting that glorified telephone number.) After the show was over I started kicking myself for not bringing one of my Glenn Miller record albums for the band to sign, and then Patricia gave me a marvelous idea! She bought the CD of the lead singer of the band for a song she wanted, and he offered to sign it for her. While he was signing, I asked "If I bought a CD would you guys and the band leader sign mine?" to which he replied "Sure!"  So I gladly gave him $20 for a CD and then the band leader asks,
"How would you like me to sign it?" and without hesitation I said "To Everyone at the Casablanca-"
(Signed by the Band Leader himself)

This sparked three of the band members interest and they asked "What is the Casablanca?" So I gave them the short story about the little cabin, and how everything we do is old fashioned oriented and that we were planning to have a 40's Big Band dance for spring break. They thought it was fascinating and promised to look up "Everyone Goes to Mick's" when they got a chance!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!?! 
Who knows, maybe someday down the road when there is a real Casablanca Hotel & Resort with a Grande Ballroom to rival those of yesteryear... maybe, just maybe we'll be able to book them for some enchanted evening.

But for now, I have a CD and an insignia that I will treasure always.



1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ahh grew up listening to Big Band music, as mentioned, Dad played in a Big Band. Love the music, always will!

Jim said...

Some day Mick I can see all this happening for you!
What a great time you both had!

Amber Von Felts said...

That sounds like a wonderful date! Those band members had better become Casablanca fans. I think if they read all your posts they'd be compelled to play your party!

Vintage Christine said...

You are just too much, Mick! That's an incredible story and you MUST keep us informed when the band guys contact you--and I know they will. Very cool indeedy!!!

Betty said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I would have loved to have seen the Glen Miller Orchestra in an historic theater like the Wichita. I could have worn my mink. Isn't it great that the Glen Miller sound is still going strong.