Monday, February 7, 2011

The Weekend Squeeze!

Well dear readers,
Last week was fun, then Cabin Fever set in and most of us were going crazy from the snow. Poor Missouri Michael is still snowed in!  Saturday most of the ice on the roads had melted and Patricia and I decided we needed to get out and do a little thrifting, and by a little I mean a lot!
We were in search of a few things for ourselves and for the theater. I am on the lookout for the foot-board and headboard of a "brass plated bed" for the upcoming production of Sound of Music that I will be working on in March and Patricia wanted some more "period" Clothes for the Casablanca. However the first stop we made was just a few blocks away from the house, I had found an add on Craigs-list for  "an old Rival brand Juice-O-Mat Juicer, and a Rival brand Saladeer chopper." A new hobby of mine is collecting appliances for the Casablanca Kitchen with "-O-Mat(ic)" in the title. After several days of waiting they guy finally called back and said he still had it, and that he'd take $10 for the whole lot as well as throw in an old cheese grader. 
So with our first bargain of the day we headed off to Wichita Falls. We went here and there and didn't find much, have a few snowball fights along the way, it was just nice to be out of the house! We grabbed a few oranges at Wal-mart to test the juicer with, and then swung by Patricia's house because a special package had finally come in for me! Ever since I was taken to a production of Oklahoma back in the 90's Ive made a habit of getting the Musical on a record (if the show is old enough to have a record) well when I started seeing shows on Indiana Street  I made it a point to get the cast to sign the record album. The last one I had singed was when Wichita Theater did West Side Story three years ago, It caused quite a stir when I brought my record player up to the theater and played my albums while we work on the sets of Cinderella. I had more than one person look the autographed album over and exclaim "That was You! I remember that!!!" Well since Cinderella is the Opening show to the theaters 103rd season I tracked down the record album from the 1955 Telecast Starring Julie Andrews for the occasion.
Well Patricia and I finished our shopping around 6:00P.M. and there was a 7:30P.M. performance of Cinderella so we decided to run back into Wichita and see it. As we were driving we posed the question " exactly how many times have we seen this show?..." and after counting it up (including tech week) last nights viewing makes a record breaking 15 times to see the show! But each time we see it its even better than the last and the music is just so darn catchy! After the show I go the cast to sign my album...
All in all a Lovely Night. Inside this record album-time capsule you will find the following...
 (A program listing all our work (click on the picture to read), two tickets, and a 5x7 glossy of "The Team")

*  *  *
Sunday Morning after cleaning up the juicer I thought I'd give it a try, and see what my $5 had gotten me.

I found one that is the same make and model number N-848 on Ebay, and the seller says its from 1948.
  Every time I post about a new appliance I wait for the lone sniper "vintageapplainceguy" to pop up and snipe my research in a comment (as he did with my Norge Fridge) and never comment again.  But I LOVE this juicer! Im looking into having the parts re-chromed, and I think I will be repainting it as well. I've played around with the idea of painting it red (red looks great on the green and white checker board counters), or maybe I should keep if white? I can tell you if the chroming costs over $100 We'll just repaint the base and call it "well loved" ha ha! 
What do you all think?



Jim said...

I think you should leave it as it is. They (whoever THEY are) say never to re-paint or finish anything's all in the 'patina' that has happened naturally. And besides it was made in 1948!!!! Only the BEST year for anybody to be born!
Great buy Mick.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I never touch any of my vintage stuff, unless it's something like taking rust off of chrome.

I love the character of the original wear. =)

Maria Stahl said...

My Juice-o-Mat is red and always has been. In fact it's such a great red that I took it in to have the paint matched for all the kitchen woodwork.

I'm not certain yours was ever chromed. That would have been a ton of chrome. I have only seen your model with that dull pot-metal stuff but no chrome. Mine has some chrome but it's mostly red.

Cheetah Velour said...

I love the Juice-O-Mat!! Great score!

We had one just like that in the house growing up. I forgot all about it until now. Now I need one of my own!

Amber Von Felts said...

I have the same juicer. It obliterates those oranges! Not, a drop of juice left in that sucka! I love it. I also love how you make the souvenir albums for the plays you have been in. Superfantastic!

Betty said...

I collect show soundtrack LPs too, and I love the Cinderella score. Congrats on finding the LP. That juice-o-mat is really cool.