Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Think, Dream, Do!

So today as we all know, marks 10 DAYS! Until 'As Time Goes By' and today I decided to get a jump on some long over due projects for the Blanca! (See how busy we are around here we cant even take the time to says "Casablanca" just Blanca)

First Project was supposed to be painting 'The Official Limbo stick Of As Time Goes By' But  I tripped over a trash can and accidentally broke it so that project will be picked up Thursday...

Second Project, rejuvenate this trash can!
A long while back I got it as a freebie at a garage sale, I had put off fixing it because I had a square moth pink and chrome stomp lid trashcan staked out at a local antique store, but in my wait the store owner decided to refurbish it and in the process RUINED it... so This one will have to do.
Its hard to read but its a "Sanette" brand stomp lid trash can, no date but its stamped made in USA. I took the pedal off and hit it a lick with dads electric wire brush... Went to True-value got my paints, came home scrubbed the layers of ICK off the trash can then painted it up!
It turned out more 'John Deere' green than I wanted, (I wanted Emerald, to match my kitchen floor) but I think it will look fine. That's one project successfully done!
Project 3 was giving 'Cowboy George' some color... as you may recall, I started painting him during Spring break in march but because of  Jesus Christ Superstar (and my over all lazyness) he didn't get  past a base coat of white and a red shirt. BUT with help from my friend Alex, we got all the primary colors painted on George today and Thursday we will go back and put all the detail on him!

Project 4 I dreamed up while doing projects 2 and 3 today.  A lot of my cast members from both Jesus Christ Superstar, and Pirates of Penzance are coming out dresses to the 1940's/50's Nines on the 19th. I was trying to think of some party games to do during the course of the evening and came up with the 4 following  contests!  Hula Hoop, limbo, Twist, and Hokey Pokey  contests!  The I thought what party prizes could I give away? Something people would talk about long after the party ended and  then I was hit with a golden idea...

That's right  the winners of each of the Contest will receive a Golden Flamingo! When I announced this at Play practice tonight a fight immediately ensued over just WHO would be winning WHAT event and what THEY were going to do with their very own Golden Flamingo...
I think I may have just out done myself :)   A lot of people have been commenting on how much work im putting into this party, and I have to frequently explain this isn't a Party,  its an event...   Zootsuitmama commented that I was "the host with the most" and THAT made my day, mainly because One of my favorite shows "Call Me Madam" has a song in it called "Hostess with the Mostess"
Naturally since Im a guy a few of my cast mates ahve changed the words  to "Host with the Most"!

"He's the chosen party giver
Of the Casablanca clientele,
And we know that he delivers 
What it takes to make it swell,
And In Wichita he's known by one and all,
As the Host, with the Most, who's on the ball."

You've no idea how that swells my ego :)



Vintage Christine said...

Are you going to have major quantities of alcohol because otherwise there's no way I can limbo--not because I don't WANT to, just because my old body isn't limber enough to limbo without greasing up the bones with a toddy or two! If you tell me the Blanca is in a dry county that's not going to work because I live in a dry county, too. Mick, there's no doubt in anyone's mind that you are truly the Host Widda Most, for sure!

Leah said...

You did an amazing job on that trash can. Golden Flamingos? Just when I didn't think there could be anything better than a Pink Flamingo, you pull out the gold flamingos!
and,I agree with Christine, you certainly are the host with the most!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Gold flamingos! Ha ha! Great idea!

A Vintage Revival said...

Trash can looks absolutely gorgeous! I love that, and the green is the perfect shade!

Linda said...

Love the Gold Flamingo! You are so clever and this will be a wonderful 'EVENT'!

Amber Von Felts said...

Ho-lee Crap! I want a golen FLAMINGO!!!! You are a genius good sir, a genius!

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Great job revitalizing the trash can :) And, oh my goodness, how fabulous are those gold flamingos?!

I think this is going to be the event of the century ;)