Saturday, June 26, 2010

"As Time Goes By" Part 5 of 7!

As the Golden hour passed over the Casablanca and its party guests with movie time just out of daylights reach... the stakes were higher than ever before with only ONE gold flamingo left!  The remaining competitors rolled up their pants, pushed up their princess sleeves, and prepared to shake it like there was no tomorrow.  In the minuets leading up to the contest, my friend Lee comes to me and says "Exactly how does one do the twist?"

I reply " Oh its the simplest dance known to man, You wipe your butt with an imaginary towel and stomp a cigarette with your foot."  (This made Michael and a few other guest laugh out loud, is it not a good representation of the dance?! Haha) Lee spent almost all of his time trying to master the dance.
 As you can see it paid off!   He wanted that last golden flamingo so bad it was hysterical, so Twisted until you;d think he'd pull something. Here are some more candid photos taken during the festivites!

("Come on baby lets do the twist!")

("Take me by my little hand, and move like this!")
(Everyone waiting as the judges review Twisting Scores)

(teeming with anticipation!)

(Our camera man Zack does a little taunting)
(Our Winners Victorious of the 2010 Golden Flamingo Games!)

Coming up tomorrow movies and a little night music....



Java Bean Rush said...

"You wipe your butt with an imaginary towel and stomp a cigarette with your foot."


Vintage Christine said...

Had I not known they were doing the twist, I'd thought they were stomping on more rattlesnakes! I can't BELIEVE you found one under the gravel and chased it under the Coke machine and then killed it with a shovel. Listen up, everyone--Mick's a snake wrangler as well as a light opera star!!!