Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Behind Yon Painted Glass...

So as the days count down, my friends and I are scrambling all over the place to get everything perfect, and I'm just going to warn you weary travelers now...  Perfection might not be doable, but It will definitely meet my High Casablanca standards!
As a last minuet project on Sunday afternoon,  I deiced to scrape the paint off one of the transom cabinets in the  kitchen. Ever since I moved in this one window has been covered with paint, and I myself have given it a coat or two...I assume the last people who lived in the house A) Did this by mistake when they painted everything two tone white. B) Used this as the liquor cabinet...
The final product of my two hours of work.

Woot woot for progress! :)

*  *  *  
Iv fired and hired a new assistant to help me get things done for the 19th. The girl that was helping me and I have parted ways over 'creative differences'  She'd rather spend $300 on decorations, where as Id rather spend $300 on food... mainly becuase you cant eat decorations...  I'm sure she will read this and be mad, but Kati just know I appreciate EVERYTHING you do! Your ideas are fantastic, your postcards amazing but the 'decoration' part of the budget has been used :( I feel bad writing that, but its part of the on going story that is "As Time Goes By" and the Casablanca. In fact I spent an unauthorized $16  on the "center pieces"  this after noon, Kati and I both had some good ideas, she suggested ' red and white checked table cloths with some simple flowers in a clear glass vase on each table. I had been thinking more along the lines of  "Sunbursts" cut out poster board and spray painted various colors to be laid on the tables... The Final product came to me when I found the 'center pieces' at Hobby Lobby today!
Aren't they cool?! I snagged them for $2.99 apiece!  They are little tea candle lanterns made of metal,  about 7 inches high and almost all the colors (except for blue) match the lawn chairs in the back yard! As an added plus, my mom and grandmother BOTH verified that these were extremely popular during the 50's Grandma even showed me the instructions she had saved from a 'Popular Mechanics' Magazine showing how to make them from coffee and soup cans (of which she made several). With the Decoration budget blown I started thinking HOW was I going to cover the tables?  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, if this was a causal 50's cook out shouldn't the tables reflect that!? Why does every thing have to be uniform and matching?! So Iv decided to use some of my vintage table cloths to cover the circle tables and have the lantern's coordinate with the colors! I have quite a few cloths, a blue red and yellow fiesta ware one, one with fruit painted on it, a simple yellow checked one, with a great long cloth for the main food table... BRILLIANT, that's what I am ha ha. (I'm also an Eagle Scout, have good teeth, and am currently single ;) LOL 

More of the scoop tomorrow~!



Linda said...

You are doing such a good job! Those lanterns will look wonderful and I like how all the table cloths will be different!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Wow Mick, you are really working hard to make this a great event!!

I'm 100% sure your guests will have a fantastic time. I do hope you get a chance to rest before the big day!

Honestly, the folks want to meet you and see all your vintage goodies. No one will care if something doesn't match or you have to use different dishes or whatever.

That being said, the place looks fantastic!!!

Vintage Christine said...

Mickey, you are just too much! I can't wait to arrive at the party with hubs and Holly in tow. And I totally agree, if it comes down to decorations or food, well, FOOD wins every time. I mean, you can go pick some weeds and throw them on the table but can you EAT those same weeds? I THINK NOT!

Chickens in the Basement said...

The cabinet looks fabulous! I love glass fronts in the kitchen! I sure do wish I could get to Texas this weekend!

Have a good time and take lots of photos.

Zootsuitmama said...

You are the host with the mostest! Can't wait to be sitting at one of those cute tables. Zootsuitmama

Amber Von Felts said...

I;m SO BUMMED I will not be there, it is going to be a great event! Don't sweat the small stuff, it'll all look wonderful. As seriously, get pics of it all!