Monday, June 28, 2010

"As Time Goes By" Part 7 of 7 the Finale!

Well dear readers,
 (The Flamingo Drive-In Theater)
Six months of planning and I fumbled on the movie portion of the evening.  As planned I was showing the 1943 black and white classic "Casablanca" for the first movie...

Now as wonderful and timeless a classic as it is,  when you have a Drive -In theater filled with mostly 18 and under... black and white, 1940's heart breaking love story's isn't exactly what the crowd demands...  So after about 10 minuets I took Casablanca out of the project and put on our second feature for the night "The Birdcage"

Now a lot of you are provably thinking "WHAT DOES BIRDCAGE HAVE TO DO WITH THE 50'S?!"
And the correct answer would be nothing!  The scene where Robin Williams says "YOU ARE FOSSE, FOSSE, FOSSE, MARSHA GRAHAM, MARSHA GRAHAM, MARSHA GRAHAM, MADONNA, MADONNA, MADONNA!" Has become a huge inside joke with the cast and  thats what they wanted to watch.  The beautiful thing about the Drive-In is you really don't have to watch the movie, its more about being together with good friends and enjoying summer. So people ate, played board games, and a few of us made our way back into the lounge to toy with the piano again.
 (Landon and Kelcie)
(Miss Emily)
(Miss Michelle)

Friend Michelle even composed a song to commemorate the evenings events and our growing friendship.

Here are the words...
"As Time Goes By,
Mickey you and I become good friends.
Wish I didn't live so far away
Mickey I would stay much longer than I do.
I do, I do
Mickey My friend!"

Wasn't that nice of her?!  This song was the climax to a wonderful evening not to long after the guests started to depart group by group...
(Miss Logan)
(The steadfast Casablanca regulars Kayla, Pam, and Brannon)
After most of the guest departed there were 4 of us left,  Michael, Dorthy, Cynthia, and Myself. we sat out in the Drive-In under the stars chatting about my red neck neighbors, historic parts of Missouri, theater you name it! But as the clock drew closer to midnight Dorothy and Cynthia loaded up and headed for home. Micheal and I stayed up talking until it was 1:30am before exchanging goodbyes and thank you's!   Then I went through the yard and house turning off the lights one by one and when I pulled the chain on the last light bulb "As Time Goes By" was over...

*  *  *  
I know iv said it a million times on the blog here, BUT Id again like to thank Michael for coming, I'd like to thank Chris Pantry, Debra West, and Nick Drummond for making the effort to attempt to come (You'll get here someday!), I'd like to thank all the people who attended and dressed up! I'd like to thank all our entries in the photo contest (the winners will be revealed later this week)  A Special thanks to all of you super nice people who sent things to add to the party, and Also all of you blog readers in general for listening to me whine about house work and party prep for the last 6  months! You readers make this blog what it is! Without you guys, i'd just be a 20 yr old smart mouth writing about a shack way out in the country  you people are the Magic that is The Casablanca Hotel and Resort.

This brings me to my final topic of the day, During the party my friends and fellow Thespians....YES I SAID THESPIANS were in awe that Michael had made the long trip to come and be a part of the party.
They'd ask "Well why is he here exactly?
Me: "He reads my blog and I read his"
Them: " Wow people must really like you if they follow your stories about this place"
Me: "They do, im not sure why haha, but they do!"
Them "well that's cool... I love how you can turn what other people see as nothing into something spectacular"
Me: "Yup because sooner of later, 'Everyone Goes to Mick's'
So dear readers I ask you What do you "like" about Everyone Goes to Mick's?  What makes you read and comment?




1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Sooo glad it was a success Mick... Your hard work paid off.

Why do I read and comment? Because I adore folks who adore what I adore, namely vintage and mid-century items, homes and related "stuff" lol...

It seems all good people who love vintage, are just that: good people. =)

Plus it's fun to share a "hobby" and see what other folks buy and do with theirs.

one gal's trash said...

I want to go to Mick's too...for mac n' cheese and bologna! Thanks for stopping by and I loved the Birdcage trailer. Forgot how funny that movie is!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Mick I enjoyed all your posts about "As Time Goes By" but this one was the best. I can feel you joy and sadness that it is over but how happy that it happened! I love your blog because it is nice to see a young person enjoy vintage and be so creative.

Amber Von Felts said...

Seriously Mick,
What DON'T we like about the Casablanca & Everyone Goes to Mick's??? It is clear that you have a passion and are motivated and gifted enough to do something great with it.

We bloggers love vintage as a common thread, but the real magic is that we have gotten to know each other better, and have seen how much of an individual everyone is, even though we started from a shared interest.

The Casablanca is a major achievement and much like a living creature, is ever evolving. Not to mention the fact that you have really defined what you like and want in your life at a "young" age...many of us, your "elders" if you will, are amazed by that. I'm in my 30's now and still feel like I'm coming into my own!

You have found the key to happiness Mick. Plain & Simple, and thanks for sharing your vision with us!

Vonlipi said...

What makes me read your blog? Well it's a lot of things really!

Your energy; I can definitely feel it whenever I read the blog, your love of thrift, your love of theater (c'mon at 20? never seen this), your built it and they will come attitude, your love of your Grandma, your bigger than life personality and you gave my nickname a nickname!

If I'd known how to drive and wasn't too far away, I could've seen myself fighting for one of these golden flamingoes FOR SURE!

And you look like a teddy bear!

Jabacue said...

I follow you, mind I'm new here, because #1 you are a cancer, as am I, and #2 you love vintage, as do I.
I'm blown away that someone your age has the interests that you do....very refreshing indeed!

Vintage Christine said...

I'm pretty sure you're the son I never had. Of course I probably would've wound up with some meatheaded football player thing and so, unless I could've had one like you I'm glad I'm childless!! So there!

Kathy said...

I wish I'd been able to travel to Texas for the gathering, Mick, but it wasn't in the budget this summer and NJ isn't exactly a stone's throw away! Why do I read your blog? I'm tickled by how such a young person loves vintage and makes no bones about it. Like Christine, I'm without offspring, but if hubby and I had kids, I'd hope they'd have appreciated things of the past as you do. And have your sense of humor, energy and talent as well. You'd fit right in with our nieces and nephews, too :-)

Missouri Michael said...

It was so much fun, Mick! Thank you for the invite!

My parents were a lot like your're going to Texas? For one night? WHY?!?!?! Tee hee.

Mick, I've followed your blog from the very beginning. I love your sense of humor, and how much passion you have for the Casablanca and for life in general. Keep it up!

Missouri Michael said...

Oh, and after this past weekend's trip...the 6 hour drive to the Casablanca seems like a quick trip!