Friday, June 4, 2010

"Damn Im Good"

Oh Rue you are missed!  I cannot thank you enough for the endless hours of laughter you have brought to myself and others. 

Well dear readers,
Iv gone into mourning. To jump on the band wagon and say "Oh Rue was my favorite on the Golden Girls" would make me a liar, all four worked marvelously together.  I will say that "Blanche Debereaux"  is one of my many hero's. NOW before you start scoffing because she was a 'Vamp' I admired her quick and funny southern wit, her Scarlett O'Hara,narcissistic ,DIVA like behavior, yet warm kindness.  In fact, whenever I pull off something impressive, or perhaps showoff-ish, I quote Blanche's motto "Damn I'm Good..." I couldnt find the video clip anywhere but that line is from one episode where all the girls are dating and blanche has hit a "dry spell", Rose and Dorthy are flirting with the man...and In comes Blanche who wastes no time in making a date.

Rose exclaims "What about us?!"
Dorthy scolds "Did it ever occur to you that maybe WE were interested in him?"
Blanche: (thinking it over) "Yes..."
Dorthy: "And what do you have to say for yourself?!"
Blanche : "DAMN I'm good...."

May you rest In peace ol'e girl.



Linda said...

Mick I'm like you I loved them all but there was something about 'Blanche' and I wish I had let more of her shine through my life. Rue you will be missed!

Peter Brown, Instructor said...

Great Rue quote! I'd forgotten that one. Rue was an authentic Southern diva. Scarlett O'Hara fans, please tell me what you think of my story, The Death Of Rhett Butler -

Amber Von Felts said...

Oh man, what is it with Golden girls and our younger generations being totally in love with it? Me and my sis would watch the re-runs religiously. She will be missed!

Amy said...

I read about this yesterday - RIP Rue

Maggi said...

I'm so sad she passed, she was such a vixen!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

So glorious and so sad was their story. Those women who lived together from necessity and having a richer life because of it! I also like Blanche. Bea was a little too much like my own mother!
Did you know there house is in Universal at Disney in Florida?
...Been there... Done that!

Chickens in the Basement said...


Toronto Yardsaler said...

Crap. Did Rue die? When did this happen? The Golden Girls are all leaving this earth together. Now I'm worried for Betty White and that potty mouth of hers.

Nice tribute, Mick. I spent countless hours watching the Golden Girls in the eighties along with Dynasty and Falcon Crest or whatever it was called.