Tuesday, May 11, 2010


 My audition that is...

Here's the cast list as it appears on our facebook page!

There were many tough decisions. We are looking forward to a great summer!!!

Major General - Mickey Jordan
Pirate King - Andrew Duncan
Frederick - Tim Tatro
Samuel - Corey Rauscher
Sargent - Zack Brasfield
Mabel - Michelle Lackey
Ruth - Kelcie Bush
Kate - Brianna Barnhart
Edith - Disa Hairell
Isabell - Caitlin McNeely

Pirates/Police/Daughters etc
Jonathan Barnes
Peyton Hart
Landon Cantrell
Lee Williamson
Alex Davison
Ryan Thomas
Caleb Weatherly
Alla Cerreta
ShyAnn CArroll
Patricia Biera
Jennefer Eakins
Liz Cooper
Margaret Duncan
Hanna Brooks
Colleen Burros
Kiersten Scott
Alexandria Furlow
Mina Fiorentino
Daniella Gallardo
Kristen George
Amy Brister
 Iv got to say, I doubted myself at last Sundays auditions, but last night we focused on getting the new people caught up on try out and  trying out The Major General and Fredericks parts. I believe there were 9 of us lined up to try out for Major General,  4 went ahead of me and I was the 5th.   As you know from my other post the Majors song is a super fast tongue twister, and the Pianist was taking it slow where everyone could get the hang of the words. Well dear bloggers i have dreamed about this part since I was 6 so you better BELIEVE I came to this audition 'loaded for bear " I walked up on stage and the pianist said "well how fast can you read?"  and I said "Oh lets try it" so we took off slow and I sang the first verse. Then the 2nd time we went a little faster, but still only about half the actual speed to the song. When I finished singing, I asked her if we could go faster?  to which she exclaimed "FASTER?!"   The stage manager turned to the director and said "Hes going to do it show speed!"   The director says "I like the sass you bring to the character so just go wild with expressions."  and round 3 beings...  Im not usually a bragger, but I did it flawlessly and finished the verse to an uproar of applause, and an offer to ' be the father of someones children'!  After that the director stopped the auditions for Major General and we moved on!  (YES NAILED IT! )  I thought to myself, and sure enough!   The only down side to all this, is I will have to  re-grow my beard and mustache, (and I really wanted to be clean shaved for "As Time Goes By" but oh well.. that's Theater!  Gosh you guy have no idea how excited I am to tackle this project, Simon in Jesus Christ Superstar only had 1 song, and iv been informed that the General is in at least 5.  We start rehearsals tomorrow at 7:00 and I cannot wait!



Linda said...

Congrats!!! That is such a great part and you will be great in it! Yeah for Mick!!!!

Midcenturymadam said...

Congratulations Mick!! That must have felt so good to belt the song out at full speed. How fun!

Midcenturymadam said...
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SusieQT said...

You're the very model of a modern Major General! LOL- I actually know a Maj. Gen. (of the Marines) and I can't help thinking of that song every time I see him. You'll have a blast!

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Amy said...

that's so cool - congrats!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Congrats! When you heading to Broadway?

Retro Keith said...

congrats Mick!

Vonlipi said...

Congrats Mick! I have the feeling you WILL win a Tony one of these days....and I will say: I knew him way back when the CH&R was just an old itsy bitty thing and now it's an internationally known showplace!

Maggi said...

Congrats on getting the part!

Zootsuitmama said...

Whooo HOoo Mick! You must be quite a talent!! Congrats and you'll do fantastic! Zootsuitmama

Cheetah Velour said...

Whoooo hooo!!!! Congratulations!!!

~Mary~ said...

Congrats!!!! You're amazing!!! I'm thrilled for you. My husbands uncle is an actor in H'wood & has a cousin who was Nathan Lanes understudy on broadway a few years ago so I know how exciting this is for you!

Decades a Go-Go said...

Congrats!!!! Is this what you had texted me about?? Woohoo that's awesome!!