Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Musical Madness, Bench Colors, & A Broken Stack-o-matic...

Dear readers,


Iv been done with Jesus Christ Superstar for almost a month now,  since I simply cannot go without my "theatrical fix" as it were, I have auditioned for the next musical "Pirates Of Penzance"  (Yet again Jumping into a show I know NOTHING about! Haha)  I can tell you it was written in the 1800's and was a cutting edge operetta then.  I am almost iffy about posting this, but I'm hoping to earn the part of "Major General" I have always wanted to sing his title song!

However If I don't win the part I wont be upset! This show is an all out RIOT! So If not the Major General I hope I get cast in the Pirate Chorus (this next clip 'With Cat like tread' is HYSTERICAL!)

 No matter what part I get the show is going to be great! The Guy who directed Jesus Christ Superstar is also the director for this show. The kid who played Jesus is also trying out for the Pirate King in this show. It was funny at auditions, the director asked him "What makes you think you can be a Pirate King?"  and with out missing a beat Jonathan (Jesus) said "Well I was King of the Jews...." ! It was great!

*  *  *  

Now onto the latest bench news, after receiving all of you great ideas here are a few combo's I came up with ...
(I did turquoise here, every other band, Michael suggested forest green for this style!)
( Leslie suggested I paint 6 slats white, the middle 6 turquoise, and the last 6 white, I took that idea and added 4 more stripes in the white. This is one of my favorites)
 (same model in red, just for reference)
(this one I'm iffy about, same patter as before but with 2 more white bands)

Once again, What do you all  think?! I really am leaning towards the color turquoise as the accent color. Mainly because its my 'signature color' and as Elle Woods, (and my best friends Colleen) teach us "Never stray from your signature color" ...

*  *  *  
Crosley Stack-O-Matic NIGHTMARE!

so It arrived today, and im pretty sure its BROKE! Iv tried contacting the ebay seller but he hasn't replied yet.. Basically what happens is the arm of the player never starts on the edge, and has YET to play a full record with out skipping or getting stuck... now most of you are thinking "Mick, give him a break records have little problems..." But I keep my records in IMMACULATE condition Polished clean and scratch free. I'm also 99.9% sure that this new play made a deep scratch on my F'ING HOKEY POKEY record... and if it wont play on my trust old record player I'm gonna be PISSED! 

Does anyone out in blog world know anything about these Crosley's?  We don't have a local dealer, and this one came from Houston new in the box... I'm afraid even if the seller does send a replacement that it will arrive broke as well, and the WHOLE POINT of buying a new stack record player is so you don't have to mess with all this!

So that my dear friends is how Wendsday rolled out!



Amy said...

Loving those chairs! My grandparents use to have wooden ones that were painted alternately in blue and white.

Rueby... said...

I know nothing specific about Crosley's but...I do know I wouldn't buy a made in China record player. Maybe a made in Japan. Stuff is NOT made like it used to be which is why I'd rather buy something old and fix it then something new and break it (then you know it can never be fixed).

There are a lot of good vintage record changers out there; I have an Electrohome from 1970...Saturn or Apollo it's called though it might be Canadian only. Cost me $300 but I've never had an issue with her aside from swapping the speakers (until I can afford new ones in the boxes one day.)

The Crosley looks really cool might try Kijiji instead?

Vonlipi said...

That is one cool bench! I like the no 2 and 4 combinations better. I wish you could transfer me some lawn chair mojo and I could send you some Pyrex spotting magic!

I hope everything gets sorted with your record player. I hate it when that happens!

Cleaning Out the Basement said...

Good luck on your effort to become a pirate! Sounds like fun! I love your gliders!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I was looking at repro Crosleys until I read a bunch of reviews over at

Basically, they suck! So I didn't get my Crosley AM/FM CD player like I planned. For $100-$200 or whatever you can get vintage speaker cabinets and hide a modern stereo in it. My plan, anyways lol.

I like the red and white on the bench. =)

Vintage Christine said...

Oh HELL. I just bought one. I haven't even taken it out of the box yet (but don't tell me to return it, I don't have the receipt). I'm going to go get it right now and try it--hopefully I'll have the one that works. Aaaccckkkk!