Monday, May 3, 2010

My Grade is a 100!

This is it! Drum roll please, the 100th post! To celebrate this momentous occasion I will be sharing with you some candid photos that serve as sparks that burn in my brain and  make the glowing light that is the beacon of Mick's...
(This swan is very much like one that appears in the movie "Pleasantville", I love it because for me life is just one big trip to the movies)
( I saved this fiberglass hanging lamp last weekend when the Cabin Owners club cleaned out the public pavilion)
(Nothing so fine as toast on a Sunday)
(This vase is one of my most prized possessions for a very special reason)
(At 7 years old, as an AVID watcher of Antiques Roadshow I just had to have a Tiffany Vase... however I don't think mine would bring quite as much at auction as the one on TV...)
( Iv always thought these were majestic)
(My college graduation gift, thanks Mom and Dad!)
(I'm all about the sun)

*  *  *  
Now I'd like your advice,  Iv stripped the bench down to the metal, and my dad is going to be welding new legs for it, I'm strongly thinking of painting it White, and maybe having a few of the bands Turquoise?  Here's the problem unlike the matching chairs that have 7 bands (so you paint 3 of them a different color) This Bench has 18 iron bands So how do you think I should split the colored bands from the white? Also do you have any other Color ideas besides White and Turquoise? I'm open to suggestions! I will say "lemon yellow" and "Orange" fade REALLY fast in this Texas sun... As far as I could tell, this bench has been white, red, dark green, light green, and black! Based on the colors you see here...

What do you think?!  If I Find 1 more of those Montgomery Ward benches (the turquoise, red and yellow ones) I will provably paint it Green and I'll have a full show room set!



Retro Keith said...

well, Im into jadeite right now... i would paint the bands jadeite and the arms/legs white

Leslie said...

Why don't you paint the middle six slats the turquoise color and the outer slats the white. That way it will look like you have three stripes going white, turq. and white.

Personally, I like a mango/yellow stripes. I think it just says summer to me.

Midcenturymadam said...

You have the most awesome theater seating I have ever seen. And, the hanging lamp you saved is fabulous mister! My swan collection has reached 3 and perhaps 4 if the one at Salvation Army drops to half price. Whatever color you decide on will look great. You haven't gone wrong yet.

Vintage Christine said...

I like the turquoise and white combination, personally, but then again, jadeite is very cool. It will be a great addition no matter what color it winds up. Congrats on 100 posts--I've enjoyed each and every one!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Love it! I alwasy have the best time when I'm on the hunt for the perfect treasure. I'll let you know if I come across a Monkey Ward bench!

Missouri Michael said...

congratulations on 100! So, this is just me, but I like the idea of a white frame with alternating white and a nice grassy green on the slats on the seat.