Saturday, May 29, 2010

My MOTHER the Party Stealer....

Well i'm happy to announce that painting is finished... on the outside of the house! I even started repainting the mess my 14 year old self made in the kitchen.  With fresh white paint on the house and the crisp green lawn, the 'Blanca' is shaping up in fine form.   I even took down the Flamingo Drive -In sign for a fresh coat of paint I dindt realize just how faded it had become!
 I promise I will take better, full pictures of the things we fixed (where you can actually tell) this weekend.  On Sunday it will be a special occasion because my mom is Celebrating her 50th BIRTHDAY!  (which BTW she deiced she wanted to have a party about 2 weeks ago...  I haven't been telling you the back story of "As Time Goes By"  Its all I talk about of late, and  my mother is STILL firmly convinced this is something iv 'dreamed up'  And 'Who are these People, and where did you meet them?' every time I mention Chris, Michael, Nick and Debra...  So when she decied to have a big blow out party thew conversation went like this....

(I was drawing the top secret plans for the "As Time Goes By" cake)

Mom:" So what are we doing for my Birthday?"

Mick: "Hmm what do you want to do?"

Mom:" Oh I'm not sure... WAIT! I know, Lets have a sock hop themed cook out at the lake, You can bring all your dance records and the player, lets see we'll have a hula hoop contest, I'll invite everyone we know... OH and you can show a movie on the Drive-in that night!"

Mick: "Wow mom, sounds like a cool party.... wonder where iv heard it before..."

Mom: "Im sure I don't know what you mean" (she was being serious)

Mick: "...As Time Goes By..."

Mom: "What the Hell is that?"

Mick: "June 19th....!"

Mom: (blank look)

Mick: "The 5 year party?!"

Mom: (blank/ distracted look)


Mom: "Oh,...yeah.... what about that?"

Mick: (slams head down on kitchen table....)

So be sure when your at the party (Deb, Nick, Mike, and Chris) to walk up to my mother and say "Hi I'm  __________ from __________ I follow yours sons blog, and that's why I'm here tonight." To affirm the fact that YES, people actually do read this crap! Haha!



Linda said...

That is so funny Mick! Tell your Mom Happy Birthday!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ha ha!

Amber Von Felts said...

Would your Mom ever read your blog? That would be a good place to start, lol. I wish my Mom read my blog, she's back in Ohio on the farm and doesn't even own an answering machine let alone a computer! The internet is a total mystery to her. When we first got it and I would be on chat rooms, she would get upset because I was talking to computers! She thought the people on the other end were not real! My mom is only in her 60's but lives a near-Amish life, by choice. Tell your Mom the people on the other end are real people and we are hanging on your every word!

Zootsuitmama said...

Tell your Mom Happy Birthday, then tell her Debra/aka Zootsuitmama is also having a birthday on June 25th, and she will be .... 56!!! That should freak her out substantially!! Then, tell her I'm the cougar that you talk to on the computer! Whoa! zootsuitmama

Vintage Christine said...

Z-Mama, I can just picture Mick's mom's face if he told her he was "involved" with a 56-year old cougar. Hahahahahahaha!