Friday, May 7, 2010

Eye Candy...A Very LONG picture Post.

As you may or may no know, the Thursday before last I loaded up with my dad and sister and we headed to the "Pate" Swap meet at Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas.  As Promised here are pictures of things I saw, might own, pine for, or were just way to cool no to take a picture of!
Pegasus is the first thing you see in the early morning light! I would LOVE to have one of these neon babies flying high above the gravel pit....however it would take a LOT of record dishes to pay for this guy!Once you walk through the gate, its Cars, Parts, Junk, Vintage stuff as far as the eye can see!
(This Buick was fantastic!)

(This car reminded me of Gumby's)
(Very cool Train/grills !)
(Ah Texans, we are a 'grilling' people....)
(Look at the light fixture on the table!)
(Coke, Dr Pepper, and Pepsi boxes in abundance...)
(each one more  rare and exspeinsive than the last *please not heavy sarcasm*)
When I saw that Ferris wheel cart I wanted it for the Casablanca! However $700 i'll pass)
(This Ford made me think of MaryDeluxe for some reason... then I got closer)
( *smiles* 'Damn I'm Good'....)

('For those who think young'...and absolutely cant get a COKE anyplace else...)
 (My sister Mable... )
(Me-owwwwwww, look at them tail lights!)
("This my idiot sister, is Sea foam...")
(when I spotted this I thought of  Vintage Chris! My sister and I both broke out into chorus' of "The Age of Aquarius")
( to dad "See TOLD YOU all this 'crap' was making a comeback ...")
("This My idiot sister is TURQUOISE...")
( Hands down my favorite car at the whole place, next year I am going to print out a BUNCH of our Casablanca Postcards, and give them to these people in hopes they might show up at the CH&R in their vintage cars.)
(LOVED these but for $75 I could make them...)
( "Ah... my evil lawn chair nemesis we meet again... You think your 'powder coating' and high prices are superior to my good old fashion elbow grease?! HAH you are wrong sir... and over priced.".)

That was about it For the Swap meet, It was every BIT of a 10 mile walk, but I saw some pretty cool stuff (this is just the condensed version)  $500 for a lawn chair HA! I will take my $30 fixer upper anyday...



Amber Von Felts said...

SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! Makes me wish I had a million dollars and a ranch to fill up with stuff. I'll just have to make-do with what I got! The cars, the bikes, the Tell Mr. Lawn chair that I scores my last on in a dumpster, for free and I'll never repaint it! Its great as is. Thanks for the picture show!

Java Bean Rush said...

That aqua and white trailer seems to be of a similar design as the small red and white trailer that Lucy and Desi decide is too small in THE LONG, LONG TRAILER.

It's the one they visit before buying the big one.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Wow... I want them all!

I bet the cars weren't cheap.....

Amy said...

I am SO drooling over all those cards! you ever watch overhaulin? love it!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Oh, please! Can I have the red truck with any of the campers attached to the back? I'll take any of them. I'm not picky!

Cheetah Velour said...

I want Sandy the horse! I'd put it in my lving room.

If you ever get out to the San Francisco area, you'd love the Alameda Flea Market!

Zootsuitmama said...

I want to hear all about the little trailers!! Did you go inside? Take pictures? I love them and the cars. Looked like a very fun day!! Zootsuitmama

Decades a Go-Go said...

OMG stop making me drool all over my keyboard! you have the contact info by any chance for that ferris wheel cart?? haha! And omg everything was just amazing!!!

Susie O said...

I want those campers!