Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Montgomery Ward Table Top Washing Machine

I promised Id show this one off to Missouri Michael,  This Is a 1958 tabletop washing machine. My Great Grand Mother lived by herself and really only wore 1 dress a day so insted of using the acual washing machine she got this one from Montgomery Ward in Wichita Falls TX. When I made this video I beleived it to be from the 1940's than later found the recipt dated for the 50's in an old shoe box.

"Thank God for Maytag" - meaning Maytag was the first washer that featured 2 drums where you didnt have to change the water, just transfer the clothes.
I kow the top of the washer looks terrible, but i made this video the day me and my dad got it working again. I later spray painted the top "Frost White" (the standard appliance color) but then the cord had dried out and cracked and the last time I plugged it in in shot off sparks and the short is in a place where I cant tape it up *sigh* alas... 

We also have (whats left) of 2 gas Maytag washing machines. Someday I may paint one up and take it to the CH&R mayve use it as a table or sink? who knows!



Holly Hall said...

I never knew such a thing existed. Love the cute video!

Vintage Christine said...

What a cool little doo-dad. Your video was great!

Chickens in the Basement said...

And I thought I had seen everything! Wonderful demo!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ha ha I LOVE it! You are adorable,I wish we were all neighbors. =)