Sunday, February 28, 2010

"My Day"- By Mickey Jordan... (Move over Eleanor Roosevelt!)

Oh my dear readers, what a day it was!

 My friend Pam and I started at an estate sale auction, we soon found out we prefer estate SALES v.s. auctions... from what I gathered the house was built in 1919 by a man who was rich in the Oil & Gas industry. A lot of the houses original features were still there (I didn't get many great pictures because every time I raised my camera they thought I was bidding) I tried to bid on a few pieces of McCoy pottery but it got to rich for my blood. After Pam's Item of interest was sold (and not to her) We explored the rest of the house and admired all of its detail and features.

Every room had push button switches with mother of pearl on them.


This Craftsman door might look familiar, Manily because its the Craftsman window at the Casablanca!


Leaving the auction empty handed  we headed down town to our favorite thrift shops and antique stores!  Now you must understand, When Pam and I are together we have a bad habit of emptying our wallets so fast it would make your head spin. Were both bargain shoppers who will pick up any and everything. So We asked our Frugal Friend Luzmila to come along on our thrifting Adventure.


(Pam's on the left, Luz is on the right)

Much like this panther our trio stalked the shelf's leaving no item untouched or turned over, I was looking for nick-nack's/ giveaway items, Pam was in search of vintage cameras, and Luz was making sure we didnt spend every dime we had! Haha. I saw manythings I liked but just wasn't convinced I needed like this oh-so-cool set of 'rabbit ears' $19 (I will provably have these before 2011 lol) 


I also found this cool Flamingo Spoon Rest but for $12 that was a little steep.


I couldn't help myself I had to take one of these pictures!  That mirrior was $37 super old and super cool... but not for me.


(Pam in action, hunting her cameras!)


We went to a few more thrift stores and then to my FAVORITE Antique store in Wichita Falls "The Antique Wood"  run by Mrs. Glinda Tate, the quality of her merchandise is excellent and her prices reflect that.  I love going in her shop to see whats new, as well as chat about all things vintage!  I found these Fire King mugs and thought of Retro Keith, they are $3 apiece... (I think you should come and get them!) If you dont I will, I love the colors!


After we hit the major thrifting spots down town we enjoyed Chinese food for lunch and then called it a day! Now I will reveal what I did end up buying!


The 1950's Stocking I snagged at the Antique Wood for $10, the white Frankoma  Ash tray I got at a placed simply called "The Thrift Store"  for $3 (I collect Frankoma, its white and will look great on the boomerang table in the den). At my favorite thrift store "Value Village" I found the two pink and blue flowers are candle holders that match a set of 1950's wedding dishes my grand ma gave me $0.66 for each.  I also got this awesome napkin holder from Las Vegas! 




One of the BEST finds of the day was this record. its An Andrew Sisters 78 with Rhumboogie on the "B" side. (This is fantastic because Ruhmboogie was ont of the Sisters' first songs before 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy' shot them to icon status in the 40's)


I snagged it for $2.50! 
Then as If this day couldn't get any better, I got to make the first trip in a month to the Casablanca it was so nice and sunny today. The napkin holder found a place in the kitchen window...


I also got to put the green canisters out! 


Sorry Catherine, but green beats pink!
After that, I cleaned a little around the Casablanca and started to get excited about the fact as of monday there will be 15 days until the C.H.&R. opens for the 2010 Social Season!
In short 'my day, was a glorious day'. : )



Retro Keith said...

DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT. Yes, I would have gotten those Fireking mugs!!! There was not a single garage sale or estate sale in my neck of the woods this weekend. Goodwill sucked to :(
Glad you had so much to look at!!

Zootsuitmama said...

You had quite a day! But I couldn't have passed up the flamingo spoonrest! You know, my flamingos all come out to roost before too much longer! But, remember -I'm in Missouri, and I am jealous that your tropical season starts way before ours! Zootsuitmama

Missouri Michael said...

I'm just the opposite - I love an estate sale (auction) which is then norm around here. I have been to a couple of estate sale (garage sale things) but they just aren't as much fun. There is excitement in an auction. Trying to beat out the other bidder to get what you want. Plus, around here, I see a lot of my friends and people from the community that I know and it becomes a big social event. It's fun to chat with others while waiting for your item to come up and discuss the goings on at the sale and in town. And now I have auction fever, and no sign of one in the near future...great.

Vonlipi said...

You had the bestest day! I wish I'd been with you!

I just love thrifting Saturdays and you got to go to the Casablanca! Very nice indeed!

Vintage Christine said...

Just from seeing that house from the outside, I would've known the auction prices would be high--but then again, there was undoubtedly some awesome stuff, too. It will be fun to visit the Casablanca because I won't have to covet much of your stuff, because everytime you show pix I go, "HEY! I HAVE THAT, TOO!" Like the set of spice containers you have on the windowsill--I have those with a different design and they're even in a nice wooden shelf with 2 drawers. They also have a vintage "Japan" sticker, yay! I did an estate sale Friday which turned out pretty good and today I'm going to one of my favorite antique malls to hunt and pillage.

Linda said...

You found some wonderful stuff. I loved the Flamingo spoon rest but I agree to steep for my pocket.

Midcenturymadam said...

What a haul! Looking forward to spring 2010 pics of the Casablanca.