Monday, February 8, 2010

La Conga!

SO this dreary weather is starting to get to me... im mean iv been humming "singin' in the rain" for FIVE WEEKS... So today I thought we share in a modern dance... "La conga" 
I was over at Holly's "Sweetheartville" blog and she did a peice on Betty Grable in one of the "zigfeild" movies. Well Just recently I picked up the 1940 Technicolor romp "Moon Over Miami" starring Betty Grable! Its filled with lot s of great songs, but the one that seems to be infectiously catchy  is titled:
"Conga To a Nursery Rhyme" 

While were on the subject of "Congas" heres a little history on the dance, some claim that Desi Arnaz, the husband of Lucille Ball, invented the conga dance, but that's not true. He merely popularized it when he moved to the United States from Cuba and began performing in clubs. 

A Cuban ballroom dance that consists of three steps forward followed by a kick, characteristically performed by a group following a leader in a single line. (I love that picture) There seems to have been some misunderstanding about this at my Senior Prom in was disgusting... people holding eachothers sholders and jumping up and down in a line...(That would be the 'Bunny Hop') People my age have forgotten the art of dancing! This is a story for another post, but I asked a girl at the prom if she would like to "foxtrot" to wich she said "I dont think they let animals in here...." I died a little inside lol.

My second favorite version of the Conga is this one preformed by "Miss Judy Garland"

Im gonna warn you now, The Conga will provably be danced at the Casablanca Party this summer!
Remeber ist "1,2,3 kick, 1,2,3 kick"  I wish I could find this on a record !


I also owe a very special Thank You to Christine at "Im not old im Vintage" today when I got home from classes there was a little package with a LOT of goodies!

An early Valentine's Day gift! Thank You so much!


Missouri Michael said...

I'm gonna try to be there this summer, but be warned - I don't dance!

Mick said...

If you do come, you are MORE than welcome to sit in a lawn chair and just tap your feet to the conga beat haha!

Vintage Christine said...

If ever there was a challenge, Michael just made one . . . Can't dance, eh? Don't worry--you don't know how to dance to do La Conga--it's line dancing but you get to hold on to someone!!! Glad to see the package made it to you, Mick.

Zootsuitmama said...

Hey, I love that dance - and your video's are such a gas!!! Keep em coming. Love this blog! Zootsuitmama

Zootsuitmama said...

Hey, I love that dance - and your video's are such a gas!!! Keep em coming. Love this blog! Zootsuitmama