Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a Little fixin' .... and THE GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

'Is all it needs'.....worlds have been turned on such words.

Sunday I received another call form the church, this time they had a side table they wanted to get rid of and I was happy to take it. It will most likely join the "filler" collection, (because i'm secretly hoping I can get my dad to make me a bedside table with hairpin legs.) I also stopped by the Goodwill today and got some neat stuff. A tin sifter with the "Foley" brand stamped on it $0.99 I'm pretty sure I have a "foley" tin pie plate at the Casablanca. The picture frame was $1.99 and I'm pretty sure i'm going to use it to put the "family" picture in at the Casablanca. Last I found this great little book, i'm not sure what it is exactly, but its got of nature prints that I think I can scan from the book by a "Gwen Frostie" (anyone know anything about her?) and turn them into invitations and such, it was my freebee for the day!

This Is my "Goodwill Buddy" Kristen H., together we keep the Goodwill Corp in bussiness!

This one is for Michael! I was tempted to buy it and send it to you, But then I thought "Thats dumb...that would be like someone from Texas going to Paris and sending back a cowboy hat" so I just took a picture. So Michael the Truman Library huh, pretty sanzzy!

Hmmmm seems like Im forgetting something.. OH YES I do beleive we have a giveaway to take care of!


Our two runners up will recive a postcard from the World Famous Casasablanca Hotel & Resort

Runner Up #1 ... Nick at Decades a go-go!

Runner up #2... Von lipi~!

If you kind people will email me you snail mail adresses I will get your pizes on there way!

Thanks to all who participated!



Leah said...

Mick-I just had a brilliant idea-you should open up a gift shop @ the Casablanca, where you can sell your records & postcards & put all of your filler furniture.

love the table by the way & the new tunes are fun :)

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Fillers... I have those too. Some wonderful mid-century Asian things I just cannot warm up to.

Yes, open a shop, I'll add my stuff to yours heehee...

Vintage Christine said...

I think my whole house is full of fillers . . . Congrats to Keith on his major win!

Retro Keith said...

THANK YOU!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TO GET IT, IT IS SO COOL!!!! I must be on some sort of roll, this is two givaways in a row!

Nick said...

And woohooo first runner up!! And btw love the new songs!

Missouri Michael said...

LOL Mick! That old mug is great! I've never been to the Truman Library (it's in Independence), but I've been to the birthplace of Harry S Truman a few times (that's easy - it's here in town). I've also visited Bagnell Dam and the State Capitol. 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

Congrats Retro Keith!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Ha! Independence, MO, is my hometown! I've been there many times.